A Little Label Giveaway

Well, life’s been feeling a bit SERIOUS lately – would you agree? I feel like, at least over here, we move from putting out one fire to another, and there’s not a whole lot of FUN these days! So…for no other reason that to have a little bit of FUN…how about a little label giveaway?!

When I get on a baking kick (which still DOES happen, believe it or not!) and I’ve baked too much for our family and I’m giving items away to friends and neighbors, I like to make things pretty! For instance, this pumpkin bread I shared on the blog previously:


Kinda cute, eh? 

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Jars Galore!

Since both my husband and I have full-time jobs, and I have two part-time jobs as well, tax-time can get a little confusing. I guess we figured we’d make it even more so for 2013’s reporting by purchasing a home! Ha!

When I turned in 2012’s taxes, to my great consternation, I discovered that we would actually have to PAY IN. WHAT?! We have never had to pay in, married or single!!! I was crushed, and my husband wasn’t too thrilled, either. Our tax prep guru (aka my fantastic cousin) said: “You need a house. And a kid.”

Well, one thing at a time, people! We took care of the house…and the kid…well, no news on THAT front…we’ll leave it at that!

But with all of the “new” stuff going on in 2013, I knew I needed to find a way to save receipts so we could accurately chart all of our expenses. Because I am NOT paying in again!

I wanted to organize the receipts by category. File folders? No…it could get too bulky. Envelopes? Much more trouble than it’s worth.

I came to the conclusion that I would use jars.

Now, the fact that we love dill pickles and go through large amounts of them at our house really had nothing to do with the deciding factor, but it ended up working quite well! I’ve been saving the lovely Claussen Pickle jars, washing them out several times and using them for receipt storage. However, I still wasn’t quite happy with the idea. So I decided to dress them up a bit. Dress them up with what else but spray paint. (Oh, come on, you knew that was coming!)


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