Coming Soon…

Coming soon (next week, in fact!) to The Road to Domestication is our First Annual Christmas Home Tour!


I’m so excited and so nervous about this one! I’m excited because I have hand-selected homes of ladies I know who do an amazing job decorating for Christmas, and I know they will inspire you to make your home amazing this Christmas, too! I’m nervous because I normally like to have these things completely put together and ready to roll the week before they begin…and as of right now I’m still visiting homes and photographing them! AH! So we’ll see how this works out. It may be something that I don’t ever do again, HA! Or it may be something that everyone looks forward to every year. So y’all just bear with me! Either way, I’m still mostly excited! I hope you are, too!

Also, today I’m featured over at Keep it Simple, Make it Great! Thanks to the lovely Paula for having me! Make sure you CLICK HERE to head on over and check it out!

Lastly, I hope all of you crazies who are out for Black Friday are getting some good deals! I’m home decorating for Christmas! You’ll see soon enough!