On Organizing Cords

I spend 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday mostly in front of dual monitors as a marketing director for an insurance agency. On my lunch break, I’m normally working on something for my photography business, or for the blog. When I come home, I normally end up back on the computer by the end of the night, to, surprise surprise, get my blog post ready for the next day! Since I end up working on my work computer during my lunch break, and my home computer in the evenings, with a laptop thrown in there sometimes, too, there’s no point in keeping my docs on one computer. As soon as I do that, I’ll need the docs on another computer.

So, everywhere I go I take along a portable hard drive and two jump drives.

I also have a Kindle, an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod. All of these have cords. And the iPod even has a set of headphones. And never know when I might need one or the other. So of course, everywhere I go I take along all of the above.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. And messy.

Yes, I keep everything together in a small pouch, so it stays together…


…but sometimes it’s TOO together, ya know?


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On Storing Your Digital Files

Believe it or not, I store hardly any files on my actual computer.

It’s true! Although I have hundreds (probably thousands, actually) of digital files of all shapes and sizes, they don’t stay on my actual computer.


1. They take up space and make the computer run slower
2. I want to be able to access them at ALL times

I work full time doing marketing for an insurance agency, but sometimes I go in early or stay late, and I always have an hour off for lunch. That comes in handy, since I also run a photography business on the side, no to mention that I’m a consultant for Clever Container…and there’s this little thing called The Road to Domestication, too! I also am very active on the Board of Directors for a local music and arts academy; I’ve got a lot going on! And I never know just where I’ll be when something needs to be taken care of!

So, I use a Seagate Portable Hard Drive. It’s the Free Agent Go Flex model. And a SanDisk Cruzer flash/jump drive, and also a PNY Technologies Attache flash/jump drive.


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