Ice Cream in a Bag!

Our house is an ice-cream-loving house!

I stopped this post right here to go and check to see how many different kinds of ice cream/gelato/sherbert/bars/popsicles we have in our two freezers right now, and the results? Eleven. 11. ELEVEN!!! (I didn’t know it had gotten that bad! My goodness!)

But, to be fair, this IS Florida, temps are in the 90’s here on a daily basis, it’s just plain HOT, and when you get hot around here, the easiest thing to do to cool down is grab something icy cold to eat.

How’s that for rationalization?!

Anyways, on to the point of this post: sometimes you’re in the mood for ice cream, and you don’t have time to go get any. No matter what the circumstances of your day, you CAN have ice cream! In fact, I can almost guarantee you that you can have ice cream right now with the ingredients in your kitchen! How, you ask?

The other day, something very interesting popped into my Facebook feed:


Now, let me say that I have no idea where this originally came from. I don’t know who these kids are. It was a post from a page called Dutchess County Fairgrounds (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PAGE!), and it was one of those things that ended up in my news feed somehow.

Interesting, no matter how it got there.

So I decided to try it! And I dragged my hubby along for the ride! (I’m SO good at doing that! HA!)

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