How to Make Your Home Move a Breeze

New year, new home?  Congratulations!  Whether your impending move is because you have finally bought your dream home or you just got the keys to that rental in the coolest neighborhood, this is, without doubt, both an exciting and terrifying moment in your life.  Many people say that moving home is one of the most stressful things they have ever done and we would tend to agree.  The thing is, it doesn’t need to be that way, and here are the best tips to make your house move less stressful.

Get Rid Of That Unwanted Junk

You’ll never have a better excuse to declutter. Ever.  Now is the time to throw out all of those things that you never use anymore.  The benefits of decluttering are many;

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  • Lower moving costs – less stuff to move is less space required in your van /truck.  A smaller van is significantly cheaper to hire if you’re doing the move yourself and if you’re using a moving company they might charge you less too as they will need fewer people.  Worst case, you need to buy fewer packing materials.
  • The move will be finished quicker.  Less boxing and unboxing for you to do.
  • Less likely to break or damage the stuff you want to keep as you won’t be under as much time or space pressure.

For handy tips on how best to go about decluttering before your move, read here.  

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How to Improve Your Home’s Lighting on a Budget

The growing popularity of resale stores and websites like Pinterest have made it easier to formulate economical and artistic ways of sprucing up your home’s lighting. However, they can also confuse you with a flood of images and design ideas available around you. If you’re looking for a simple way to reinvent your home’s lighting, you’ve come to the right place. How about some actionable tips to improve your home’s lighting without denting your pockets?

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Assess Your Lighting

Different areas in your home require different lighting. So, don’t make the mistake of the “uniform-lighting” approach, like other homeowners. Prioritising and organising your lighting will allow you to utilise the resources smartly. Focus on the basics – every room should have three lighting layers (accent, task and ambient). Browse Pinterest for creative design ideas and implement the same in your rooms.

Do Away With The Incandescent Lights

If you’re still using incandescent lights and hoping to cut your energy costs, we would suggest reconsidering your options. Incandescent lights waste more than ninety-percent of their energy in emitting the heat and also make the room warm, which can increase your AC usage, sky-rocketing your electricity bills.

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How to Choose a Quality Cookware Brand

Over the holidays (when I do the MOST cooking almost all at once) I decided that I was long overdue for a new set of pots and pans. And yet, I still don’t have that shiny new assortment of cookware because I can’t for the life of me make up my mind as to just WHAT I want! These days, there are SO many options – I honestly wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to make a choice.

Cooking is something that many of us enjoy doing, whether it is for yourself, your children, or friends it can be a rewarding experience. To see the enjoyment in others after trying your food and knowing they appreciate the hard work you have put into making a delicious meal or a simple snack can be quite satisfying. But, to achieve the best results you need the correct equipment to help you with creating the culinary delights you wish to serve.

Each dish that you make needs to be prepared with the correct equipment and as with the ingredients that you choose the pots, pans and stoves are all key to making the perfect dish. Choosing the best and most suitable equipment for cooking is not easy due to the vast amount of products available in shops today but it is best to go with trusted cookware manufactures and believing in their products and knowledge.

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Buying Quality Cookware Doesn’t Need to be Expensive  

When choosing which cooking utensils it is important to not overspend, there are many types of pots and pans on the market for sale but expensive doesn’t always mean the best. Depending on your needs you can find a good range of options available. The best thing about finding a good quality product is the durability and the ease in which to cook and clean the utensil. Of course, the food quality is the number one main factor.

Buying cookware within your budget is essential and with such a range available in stores and online today it is possible to find the item that suits your needs and help you enjoy cooking at the same time.

Choosing the Correct Type of Utensil

There can be some types of pots, pans, and dishes that can have a negative effect on your food. Aluminum ware can have an effect on certain acidic foods such as tomatoes and can when cooking even absorb some of the metal into your food. It is important to choose the best cooking equipment you can.

Also important is the maintenance of the equipment you use and cleaning should be of high importance when considering which products to buy and use on a daily basis. 

The Different Types of Cookware Available

On the market today there are so many choices for home and businesses to consider when buying cooking ware, here are just some of the examples:

  • Stainless steel is the most popular type of cooking utensil and has been for many years.
  • Cast iron is a metal that we have been using for hundreds of years and is proven to be a very reliable method for cooking.
  • Aluminum is used in over 50% of cooking pots and pans, because of its excellent heat conductivity.
  • Copper is also used by many people due to its durability and its conduction of heat.
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3 Tips on How to Clean Your Home as Good as a Commercial Building

Many homeowners understand the importance of cleanliness in order to fight off disease and promote better health for the family. As much as possible, homeowners prefer to hire professional cleaning services, especially if they’re busy. This way, those with a tight schedule can still achieve a clean, comfortable, and beautiful home just like a clean commercial building. 

Take a look at the recommended home cleaning tips below. 

  1. Practice Efficient Cleaning  

Shine Cleaning Solutions from Glasgow explains that professional cleaners focus on good cleaning quality and efficiency. Reliable commercial cleaners use a wide range of environment-friendly cleaning products, too. Also, they perform the latest cleaning techniques in a timely manner. Thus, if you want to clean your home like a pro, always have in mind an efficient-cleaning method.

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Check these efficient cleaning tips to keep you guided: 

  • Gather and organize all cleaning tools: Place your cleaning tools in a bucket, caddy, or tote. This will make your cleaning job easier and faster because you have everything you need in a portable and accessible place.
  • Choose one task and finish it: Choose one task, such as mopping, dusting, or vacuuming, and do it in all rooms. For example, dedicate time for dusting all surfaces across all rooms and proceed with the next task. 

This cleaning technique is more efficient as compared to cleaning an entire room at a time. In this way, you won’t feel an endless cleaning cycle or starting the same tasks all over again.  

  • Sweep before mopping: Before you mop, sweep the floor first. When mopping, start from the farthest room corner and move backward until you reach the doorway, helping you avoid mopping yourself and getting trapped into a corner. Make sure to rinse the mop when you finish mopping a 4-by-4-foot area. 
  • Move while vacuuming: Keep moving while vacuuming, running it in every nook, cranny, and carpeted room.
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How to Wash Your Baby’s Clothes

As a new mom, you’ll notice how sensitive your newborn’s skin can be. From the soap you use at bath time to the detergent you use for their laundry, their skin’s reaction will tell you if you’ve got the right stuff. However, if you start to notice little small patches of skin irritation or dry spots, it could be that your baby needs something that’s a lot less harsh on their skin. A lot of times parents will switch their body lotion and soap without thinking about the detergent they are using for their baby’s clothes and blankets.

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To avoid these annoying skin allergies due to laundry issues, here are some tips on how to wash your baby’s belongings. 

Use a mild detergent

Scented detergents have a tendency to be hard on a baby’s skin. It’s best to choose fragrance-free options to avoid the extra chemicals and perfumes used to make the scent. Another thing to look out for when shopping for a detergent is the added dyes used. Added dyes are known to cause skin irritation among babies. The best detergent for your baby is something that is free of dyes, scents, and is hypoallergenic.

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