Preparing for House Guests – FREE PRINTABLE!

Yes, we are having house guests again! It may seem a bit much, since we only moved into the house in April, and we had house guests in July, now in September, and we will have more in October, but you know what? We really enjoy hosting folks in our home!

When we were house-hunting, we were looking for the standard 3-bedroom 3-bath 2-car garage home. The perfect “starter home”, ya know? Since it was our first. When we looked at the house we ended up buying, I remember thinking, and telling Jerrod, “4 bedrooms! We don’t need 4 bedrooms! Is that greedy of us to place an offer on a house with 4 bedrooms?” We felt such a peace about it, so we ended up going ahead with the offer, and then the purchase. So we decided then, since we had the space, we would use it, and use it well.

This coming weekend we are hosting 4 boys and a chaperone from the African Children’s Choir, and we are SO excited! The group will be at our church to minister on Sunday morning, so we’ll pick our crew up on Saturday evening, feed them, let them get a good night’s sleep, and then feed them again Sunday morning before heading to church to watch them sing! (They are SO sweet – if you’ve never heard of the African Children’s Choir before, it’s an amazing organization. PLEASE check out their website (, and listen to them sing. BEAUTIFUL voices, BEAUTIFUL children.)


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