A Quick Guide to Using Natural Products (Recipes Included!)

We use lots of natural products around our home, and the main reason for that is, we have two 2-year-olds. And man, are they QUICK these days! They can do some serious damage in the amount of time it takes me to move a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, let me tell you what! They keep us on our toes, so the more natural products we use in the house, the less of a poison control issue we run into! (Or at least, that’s our hope! HA!)

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Natural is arguably the new normal, according to many consumers. The ability to use products that are more effective without compromising on safety is one of the main reasons why natural products are revolutionizing consumer trends in the world. Every feature of beauty products has an alternative to natural products and this development reflects the conscience of the modern consumer.


Recipes for Natural Products

Natural products are relatively easy to make. The golden rule in each of these products is to use available ingredients and use as few ingredients as possible. Natural deodorant, for example, uses some of the most available ingredients in a home setting and therefore saves on money without compromising on the safety. It is also important to mention that the process for this project is simple and everybody can successfully make a deodorant. Continue reading

Ice Cream in a Bag!

Our house is an ice-cream-loving house!

I stopped this post right here to go and check to see how many different kinds of ice cream/gelato/sherbert/bars/popsicles we have in our two freezers right now, and the results? Eleven. 11. ELEVEN!!! (I didn’t know it had gotten that bad! My goodness!)

But, to be fair, this IS Florida, temps are in the 90’s here on a daily basis, it’s just plain HOT, and when you get hot around here, the easiest thing to do to cool down is grab something icy cold to eat.

How’s that for rationalization?!

Anyways, on to the point of this post: sometimes you’re in the mood for ice cream, and you don’t have time to go get any. No matter what the circumstances of your day, you CAN have ice cream! In fact, I can almost guarantee you that you can have ice cream right now with the ingredients in your kitchen! How, you ask?

The other day, something very interesting popped into my Facebook feed:


Now, let me say that I have no idea where this originally came from. I don’t know who these kids are. It was a post from a page called Dutchess County Fairgrounds (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PAGE!), and it was one of those things that ended up in my news feed somehow.

Interesting, no matter how it got there.

So I decided to try it! And I dragged my hubby along for the ride! (I’m SO good at doing that! HA!)

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Made from Scratch vs. The Box

Are you the “I made this from scratch” type of person when it comes to cooking and baking? Or would you rather create something quick and easy, right from “the box”?

For me, it depends on a few different things…

For example:

If I’m in the type of a mood where I’m happy and confident, I’ll try anything. I’d be most likely to do something “from scratch” and not really be too worried about the outcome – I’d just try my best.

However, if I’m in one of my “good grief, I can’t do ANYTHING right” moods, then I’d go for “the box” and forget it.

Now, if I’m pressed for time, I’ll go for “the box”. If not, I might try it “from scratch”.

And sometimes “the box” is cheaper than “from scratch”.

But the thing I’ve found out about “from scratch” stuff is that you probably already have everything in your kitchen needed to make it!

Case in point: last night I made home-made from scratch brownies for a friend. See?


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