Walk Around Things Day

I’m one of those weird people who likes all the crazy “days” the calendar lists – for instance, today is “Walk Around Things Day”.

What? What does that mean?

Giftypedia (neat and informative website, if you’re not familiar with it!) says this about today:

There is little information on the Walk Around Things Day holiday. Most references see it as a day where you should walk around potential problems, both literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, don’t walk under a ladder or through a puddle, but around it. Though, it would seem that most of us would do that already. Figuratively, it is suggested that today is a day to avoid arguments or potential points of conflict by avoiding or walking around the topic.

However, since we were not able to locate the origin of this holiday or any authoritative documentation, we wonder if the meaning of this holiday was meant to be more simple — to get out for some exercise and take a walk around things. Like a walk around a pond or a small lake, or around the mall, downtown, or a nearby campus or park.

Thus, until we are able to find the intended meaning for this day, it’s dealers choice — celebrate it how you think this day was meant to be recognized.

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