A Tech Gift Guide To An Amazing Mother’s Day

I’ve been thinking a lot of late on ways to make moms feel appreciated. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I AM a mom now, and there certainly are days that I DON’T feel appreciated even a little bit. I like to make others feel special, and I know that moms are a grouping of people who deserve to feel special, if there ever was a grouping of people who deserved to feel special! Can I get an “amen”?!

So this post and gift guide may be a little early, in the grand scheme of things, but really: how early is too early to start thinking about the perfect gift for your mom for Mother’s Day?

After all, mom is the woman who brought you into this world, and if you give a bad present on Mother’s Day, she’s the woman who can take you out of it. (Not that she actually WOULD, but she could!) So, why not plan to get her something she actually wants, so she can praise you like the perfect child that you are. (Is that how it would play out in your family? Yeah, probably not in mine, either! We can dream, though, right?! HA!)

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If you aren’t sure what gadgets would best suit Mom, let this gift guide help you find something guaranteed to impress. From kitchen tools to stylish chargers, here are some of the best tech-inspired Mother’s Day gifts!

Anova Sous Vide


Your mom loves to cook, and her primary job when everyone’s home is to keep everyone fed. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true! It’s also a great hack to Mother’s Day. When Mom’s a foodie, focus on her love for the kitchen and get her a cool tech tool this year like the Anova Sous Vide. Sous Vide — French for under vacuum —involves putting something in a plastic pouch before submerging it into boiling water. It’s a popular cooking technique that helps create flavorful and juicy dishes.

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10 + Practical and Stylish Gift Ideas For the New Mother’s Home

I guess it’s just the season of life that I’m in, but right now I have multiple close friends who are expecting a baby soon! One of my closest friends is actually being induced THIS Saturday! EEEKKK!!! The number of baby showers I’ve been to of late is staggering, and I’ve got invites right in front of me for even more. While checking a momma-to-be’s registry is always a good idea, sometimes I like to come up with a few of my own gift ideas. (One of my favorite “personalized” things to do these days is create wallpaper or stickers for her with one of her photos!) But I feel like I’ve been running out of original inspiration lately!

So when Anna from AnnaVasily.com.au asked me if she could share some ideas with me (and all of you) I thought it was just perfect timing! Take a few minutes ands her suggestions below!

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How exciting it is to expect a new member in your family! However, no one is more thrilled than the future mom. She has the greatest joy of keeping the baby close to her heart and the greatest responsibility to protect both the child and herself. Show her how meaningful she is with a thoughtful present. Here are some ideas for both decorative and baby related items that will make her feel special and appreciated when she’s at home.

Get inspired by the following ideas!

Family photo frame

Since the family is growing, she`ll need to create more space for placing new memories at home. A frame for multiple photos is a perfect way to prepare for the new family experiences.


Price range: $4 – $10

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Nix the Registry – Try These Unique Wedding Gifts!

I’ll admit, y’all, I’m on a bit of a wedding kick these days. One of my dearest friends is getting ready to get married, and another one of my favorite people just got engaged! I do love that planning process – and you get to set up house and be all kinds of domestic and stuff! SO fun!

But in the midst of all the celebrations, I always remember to choose a special gift for the bride and groom. And everyone knows how much I LOVE to give unique gifts! So I wanted to share some of these ideas with all of you!

These days, wedding gifts aren’t as cut-and-dried as they used to be, and sometimes buying a gift from the registry is just plain boring. If you’re looking for a gift for the newlyweds that’s a bit out of the ordinary and sure to be adored, consider congratulating them with one of the sentimental ideas below.


A Food Delivery Service

When all the hubbub from the wedding and honeymoon dies down, the last thing the newlyweds are going to want to do is head out to the grocery store. Make it easy on them with a subscription to an awesome service like HelloFresh. This company will send boxes of ingredients along with a recipe book each week—no more stressful grocery shopping trips. You can set them up for a few weeks or splurge on them for a year, either way, they’re sure to enjoy your thoughtful present and feel like master chefs in the meantime.

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On Building a Gift Basket

We had the coolest thing happen in our family recently.

My hubby’s Aunt Ivey got engaged. The cool thing about it was that she has NEVER been married before. And she’s 67 years old. 

The family has been absolutely beside themselves! I’m sure you can imagine! We have been having SO MUCH FUN celebrating this awesome news, and one of our recent events was a bridal shower for the bride-to-be!

Normally I’m a huge fan of bridal showers, and I have my go-to gifts. But in this case…I was stumped. What on earth do you get for a 67-year-old engaged woman who has never experienced a bridal shower before?!

I called one of the other aunts (there are 9 siblings in all – what a family, right?!) and quizzed her on what would be a good gift. She ended up telling me, “You know what, Kristen, just do a little shopping around and when you see something that reminds you of her, just get it.”

Oh, the agony! HA! The struggle was real – everything I saw I thought, well, she already has that, she doesn’t need another one. Until I rounded the corner at Walmart, of all places, and came across THIS:


Is that not the most beautiful thing! I audibly gasped in the store! SO pretty! I wanted it!!! It’s from the Pioneer Woman collection, which is just plain beautiful, if you ask me.

But I had nowhere to use it, an it doesn’t really even match anything in our house. So I was about to walk away from it in despair when I saw…THESE.

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Three Unique, Meaningful & Lasting Christmas Gifts

Come on, now, don’t get on my case for posting about Christmas NOW. I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but Thanksgiving kind of inspired these three ideas for Christmas gifts, so it’s okay!

Every year, I sit down with my husband and our Christmas list and try to figure out what to buy for our family and friends. The one thing we say over and over is, “It’s hard to buy for someone who already has everything.”

Isn’t that the truth?! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty dang spoiled! And most people I know are, too! But I’ve come across three ideas over the past few years that are definitely keepers. (And they’re something you want to get going NOW, so it’s not last-minute!)


1. Heifer International

When I first discovered this, I thought it was the coolest thing EVER. This organization lets you give anything from a goat to a camel and so much more to help end poverty! With Heifer International, you can give the full animal, or a share of an animal, to communities around the world in desperate need of animals. You can also give the gift of sustainable farming, women’s empowerment or basic needs – they even have an entire online gift catalog you can view!


2. World Vision

Jerrod and I actually sponsor a child through World Vision on a monthly basis, and we’ve been thrilled with everything we’ve learned about the organization. Besides giving folks a chance to sponsor a child, World Vision also offers a few animals for giving to those in need, but what grabbed my attention this year was their option to give hope to sexually exploited girls, purchase medicine for sick babies or fund a small business loan. I mean, WOW. What a meaningful contribution in the name of your business-owner family member – the chance for someone in need to start their own business! (And these are not the kind of small-business loans we as Americans would go trying to obtain. These are very reasonable amounts that could easily be gifted!)


3. Charity Water

Do you think about where water comes from when you turn on the tap? Yeah, me neither. But in Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year walking for water. WOAH. But with Charity Water, almost 9,500 projects have been funded already, and you can help! Can you imagine the first time a child is able to turn on the tap and clean water flows out? Gives me chills! And even better: 100% of your donations will go to helping get water to those in need.

These are three projects that are close to my heart, and I hope you remember them too, the next time you think, “It’s hard to buy for someone who has everything.” Because you really can buy for someone who has everything, simply by helping them give everything to someone else.

And I’m not suggesting that you only look at the three above organizations. There are SO many who need help in this world we live in, and in the season of giving, why not really GIVE?

We have less than a week until Thanksgiving, and I’m thinking of so many wonderful things I’m thankful for. This Christmas season, find a way to share and give with those in need in mind. And teach those around you to do the same. You’ll have the best celebration ever…I promise!