On the Road in January

I literally had to take a second look at the calendar when I realized it was February. FEBRUARY. Where on earth did the first month of 2014 go to?! I’m not at all sure, but, it’s time to look back on January and see what was the biggest deal here on the blog! Here are the top five posts!

1. On Packing Up the Holiday Decor – Out the gate with a bang! This was the first post of 2014, and everyone seemed to love it! (Maybe it was the free printables, ha!)

Christmas Decor Inventory Printable

2. 3-Ingredient Gluten-Free Cookies – I think everyone got excited over this one because there were only three ingredients to make COOKIES!


3. One Word for 2014 – I first told myself people liked this post because they were inspired by the word I chose for 2014…then I realized that this one had free printables, too. So…there ya go. I guess I need to get work on some more printables, huh?

Peace 3

4. On Planning the Night Before – Hopefully this one just provided some good information for everyone!

On Planning the Night Before

5. The Top 7 Germiest Places in Your Home! – It very well may be that people were shocked and horrified at this post, and they couldn’t take their eyes away from it! HA!


And there ya have it! Great month here at the Road to Domestication! Now, on to February!