On the Road in April


Well, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on May 1, so it really is true: May has arrived! To celebrate, let’s take a look back on the top five posts here on the blog in the month of April, shall we?

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Growing a Gardener: How to Garden with Your Kids – A Guest Post!

I’ve been messing around in my garden a lot these days. Mostly experimenting with things – see what I can grow and what I just…can’t. Some things I don’t have the knack for, that’s for sure! But right now I’m doing REALLY well with herbs and tomatoes and pineapples! I think my love of gardening probably stemmed (no pun intended, ha!) from my mom. When I was in elementary school, my dad created a big garden for my mom and sister and I. Mom was homeschooling us at the time, and used the garden as a special project for our science lessons. We thought it was totally cool when our veggies made it to the dinner table! Even now, if you go to my parents house, you’ll find a HUGE garden behind their home. While mine is nothing like that yet, I’m enjoying working on it! So when author Heather Roberts contacted me with a past about how to garden with your kids, I loved the idea! Nope, no kids here at my house yet, but I know so many of YOU are moms – so let’s see what great ideas Heather has for us! Growing a Gardner How to Garden with Your Kids Digging in the dirt and making mud pies are favorite activities of many young children. Why not turn this activity into a long-lasting love for nature?   Gardening can offer various benefits, such as fostering the emotional, cognitive and social development of children. It will provide your child with various skills, creativity and an understanding for nurturing.  They will gain sense of responsibility, cooperation, self – confidence and appreciation for the hard work. Start early by encouraging your little one to keep in touch with nature. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced gardener or an aspiring enthusiast. You can learn with your child! Continue reading