Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Garage

One of the best things you can do to bring happiness and relief into your life is by decluttering. Cleaning out an area of your house is validating, exciting, and will bring positive energy into your life. It’s time to clean out one of the commonly neglected areas of the house–the garage. 

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Set Aside Some Time

Plan out a specific time when you want to get your spring cleaning done. Make your timeline realistic so that you don’t end up putting it off due to intimidation of not being able to get through it. The ideal option is to set apart a Saturday or weekend to knock all of the organizing and cleaning out at once. A three day weekend might even work, although a holiday weekend like this may be hard spent cleaning and organizing instead of playing with the family or taking a trip.  If that’s not an option due to scheduling, then make a plan to do a little bit each day for the next while and get the family involved to their part so that it’s not overwhelming. 

Sort Your Possessions

A huge part of spring cleaning includes getting rid of stuff you don’t need. When cleaning out an area of the house, it’s always shocking how much stuff we tend to keep that we never or rarely use.

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How to Convert a Garage into a Children’s Play Room

What do you use your garage for? If you answered ‘parking my car, of course’, you are actually a minority on the US. A lot of people simply use their garages as an extra storage space, as if the basements and the attics aren’t enough, right? But, if you’re not using it for your car, can you do something more worthwhile and purposeful with it? Sure you can!

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One great and interesting idea is to turn the garage into the play room for your children. Rockstar Garage Door Services experts have seen it done a few times and they have some interesting points about how to make it work best. Keep reading for some great ideas!


A garage which is used for storage or parking doesn’t really need much light. Maybe a small window and an electric light. However, if you are planning a kids’ playroom, you will want a lot more than that.

Group kids in preschool interior holding colored paper and glue on table .

One thing which can help is installing larger windows on your garage doors, which will spare you the trouble of cutting out windows in the actual walls of the garage. You can find a lot of help from places like https://rsgaragedoorservices.com/garage-door-repair/sorrento-valley/california

Alternatively, consider adding skylights, as they are both practical and look great.

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On the Road in April

Welcome to May, folks! We are almost half-way through 2016 – can you believe it?! Hey, I’m still over here trying to remember to write 2016 instead of 2015! Who’s with me?!

Lots of stuff happened on the blog last month, but, as always, I wanted to give a quick highlight to the top 5 posts! Here we go…


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DIY Garage Organization Ideas

We’re currently in the process of de-cluttering our garage. Again. There some stuff that we’ve been storing in the front room (which is now being transformed into the nursery) that’s moving to the garage, and some stuff from the garage that’s going to be sold. Although de-cluttering is always quite the process, in the end it’ll be worth it! Right? RIGHT!

So when RST Brands contacted me regarding publishing their article on garage organization, I knew it was the perfect fit! They’ve got seven fabulous ideas here – check them out!

The garage seems to attract clutter like a moth to light. Without even trying, it can get so messy that your car doesn’t even fit anymore.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Garage organization is achievable, and you don’t have to throw out all your tools and toys or spend thousands on renovations, either.

Here are 7 simple DIY organization ideas that will help you take back your garage and turn it into a space where you’re proud to park your car!

1. Utilize vertical space

To truly organize your garage, you need to think in terms of vertical space. Every inch of wall offers storage possibilities. For example, any items that are used rarely can be stored up high out of reach. If you need quick access to a tool, hang it on the wall at eye level.


2. Take advantage of studs (and the space between studs) for easy storage

Studs present an easy opportunity for organizing your stuff. For example, nail a board between two studs, and all of a sudden you have space to store your shovels or fishing rods. You can even install shelves into the space between the studs to store little odds and ends or toys.

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Different Garage Door Styles…and How to Choose One for Your Home – A Guest Post!

Last year, our garage door made an awful sound. And then…it quit working.

While many people use their garages for storage or other projects, we actually park our vehicles in ours. BOTH of our vehicles. And living in Florida, it comes in handy, when we’re weathering hurricanes and some of the other nasty storms that blow through. In fact, just last night it was pouring rain when I got home, and it was SO nice to pull right into the garage and not get wet at all!

Oh. Because we paid a bucket-full of money to get the garage door fixed after it quit working. We had everything done to it, short of actually replacing the door. But for a minute, I dreamed about a brand new garage door. There are some BEAUTIFUL ones out there these days. But there’s a lot more to a garage door than aesthetics!

So when Shivani from Garaga contacted me and asked if I’d like to publish a post about different garage doors, first, I wanted to read it for myself! So helpful! And second, I wanted to share it with all of you! So…here you go! 

A shabby garage door, or one that doesn’t architecturally match with the rest of your home will affect the overall look of your home. Since a garage door is often the first thing that people notice, it’s important to choose a style that is both high quality, and pleasing to the eye.

There are many different designs and style to choose from, and making your final decision can be a confusing process. Here are some things to consider when choosing a garage door.

Insulated vs. Non-Insulated

An insulated door will help keep energy costs down, particularly if your garage is attached to your home. With rising costs, more people are choosing insulated doors over non-insulated. Each door is assigned an R-Value to give an indication of how well insulated it is. The higher the rating, the better the insulation. A polyurethane door is thinner, but has a high R-value rating. It will also help reduce outside noise, and operate more quietly. Insulated doors are definitely preferable for those who live in colder climates.

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