Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits

As we’re deep into the second half of the school year, thoughts are turning towards fundraisers! Now, when I think of fundraisers, I think of kids trying to sell me candy bars, tubs of cookie dough and rolls of wrapping paper. To be fair, I normally do buy from any kids who solicit from me – I’m a softie. And hey, some of that wrapping paper is good stuff that lasts FOREVER!

But it’s normally the same ol’ stuff every time. And while the kids all take their turns selling different items, I would imagine that the parents might get tired of offering the same products to all of their friends and families. So when Christina Castillo contacted me to tell me about a NEW kind of fundraiser from Little Caesar’s, I thought it was a great idea! Here’s what she had to share:

Amidst the busiest time of school, it always seems that the marching band needs to raise money for new uniforms, the cheerleading team is looking for ways to fund their next national competition, and the football team is drumming up money to make the annual homecoming game another huge success. Selling Christmas wrapping paper door-to-door and school spirit buttons at lunchtime may have been viable solutions for our grandparents’ fundraising problem, but today, candy bars that sell for $2 each are lackluster attempts to say the least. There are better (and more delicious!) ways to raise funds for your next big event! It’s time to stand out and have a little more fun!





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