The 4 Best Chat Apps For Families

Over the Easter weekend, we had out-of-the-country guests with us in our home for six days. They weren’t family, and they were each far away from their own families, too – which means we all spent some time chatting off and on about how they keep up with their families while they’re traveling! (Especially since we’ve entered an age where it makes sense for even our kids have smartphones.) Luckily, this technology has the capability to bring families closer together and keep you informed about your family’s safety and well-being. And I discovered that there are a number of apps that will help you keep track of all your family members through group communication platforms. Here are four of the best chat services for families that will enhance your group communication:



Slack is a messaging app that keeps all your group communication in one place. The app is frequently used in workplaces, though is also an ideal program for family communication. The app can streamline communication between you and your loved ones, which reduces the likelihood of crossed wires or misunderstanding. The app will facilitate real-time messaging and file sharing for one-on-one and group conversations.

For example, if your child is part of a soccer team that has varying practice times and locations, you can make sure everyone is updated on the activity specifics. You can share the weekly soccer schedule with your child and partner, so you can set up a carpool or decided who will drive. The app can help store important documents — like school and medical forms — and can easily integrate with Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Twitter and Zendesk. It keeps everything in one place, so you and your family can stay organized and reduce the stress that comes with hectic, family life. Although some say Slack is due for some backlash, that’s in the business world — families will love it.

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7 Family Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe – A Guest Post!

I’ve been in the middle of a photo project at my house, and I came across a scrapbook I made after a missions trip I took to London. Yep! Quite the missions trip, huh? I was re-living it with my hubby, who has never been out of the country, and we were chatting about where we would like to visit together. We chalked up a few things for that year when we decide to take “the big trip”, and didn’t say much more about it.

So imagine my intrigue when Joey Ferrer contacted me regarding a post on European travel destinations! So take a moment and dream with me about the perfect summer trip for YOUR family!


Europe is one of the world epicenters for culture, history and politics – it’s also filled with relaxing and scenic landscapes. Travelling to Europe with your family can be a tremendously rewarding and memorable experience. But what places offer the best opportunities to bring the whole family closer together? From the beach to the city, here are seven of Europe’s best family destinations.


London is amazing in the summer. Stroll the Thames and take in sites like Big Ben, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Tower of London. Then head to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens for a horseback ride and some fun for the kids in the water-feature playground. In the evening grab dinner in Soho, then stop in the West End for a critically acclaimed showing of Matilda.

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On the Road in March

Every time I write one of these posts I’m amazed that another month has gone by. Welcome to April! WOW! Let’s take a look back at the top five posts here at the blog during the month of March, in no particular order…

1. Celebrate Spring Cash Giveaway! – Of course, this giveaway is over now, but it sure was a great one! I mean, any time there’s any cash involved…most people are happy! And a little bird told me that there may be one of these giveaways for each new season! You never know!

Celebrate Spring Cash Giveaway with Dates

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