Italian Shells: A Family Recipe!

I’ve been on a big comfort food kick these days…surprise surprise! I’m not feeling much like eating, but when I do, I want to make a recipe that is warm and soft and tasty. (This week, at least!)

Last year I gave my mom and my mother-in-law was a cookbook. That’s probably something THEY should have given to ME, you say? Well, this one was a bit different.


Basically, it’s a blank cookbook, split into normal cookbook “sections”. It’s for moms to record family recipes for their daughters – which I think is totally cool!

My mom gave me this book back filled with family recipes…written in her own handwriting…which I think is totally cool, too. One day my mom won’t be here anymore, and this will definitely be something to treasure!

So I started to flip through what she had recorded for me, and I found this entry:

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