Don’t Forget About the Roses

As you’ve heard me mention of late, we recently purchased a new home. One of the reasons why we love this house is that it’s great for entertaining! Wide open spaces, lots of natural light, great places to set up a hearty buffet, and plenty of room for our friends and family! We’ve had two gatherings here so far in the two-and-a-half months that we’ve lived here…and I’m about to have another one this coming weekend. Still loving how the house works so seamlessly for entertaining!

tay amazing!

Besides the space, light and room, I, like you, have my own favorite elements to add to any gathering I host. 

  1. Fresh towels in the guest bathroom. You know…the GOOD towels that people are afraid to use?! I LOVE having my bathroom stocked with those! it’s like bringing out the good china!
  2. A good variety of foods in the kitchen. I normally want something sweet, something healthy, something crunchy, something salty…you get the idea. As long as anyone who comes in my home has SOMETHING to eat, I’m good.
  3. A wonderful smell throughout the home. Sometimes that comes from whatever I’ve had baking in the kitchen. Sometimes from diffusing essential oils or burning candles. And sometimes…from fresh flowers!

In fact, fresh flowers will add to almost any gathering, wouldn’t you agree? I love my local grocery store, because they have a small “florist” section, and I can always pick up what I might need for any gathering. Or even grab a nice assortment of blooms if I feel like fresh flowers on the table for dinner!

But, you know what? I’ve gotten SO used to ordering just about anything online and having it shipped to the house. I mean, come on – anytime I have to go somewhere, I have to prep 2 one-year-olds and their diaper bag to go with me. Once I arrive wherever I’m going, I either have to get them all situated in their stroller or in a shopping cart…and if it’s a shopping cart, is there a double shopping cart? Do I have wipes to clean it off with? Do I have the shopping cart covers with me? It’s always an event for us to go anywhere!

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Insider Tips on Saving Catering Costs – A Guest Post!

Ah, summer. Lots of extra things happen in the summer months, but events especially! Family reunions, barbecues and fish boils, weddings…the list goes on! And yes, here on the blog, you all know that I try to make most food myself for all of our celebrations…but sometimes, especially with weddings, you just need a little assistance, right?

So when professional blogger Suzan Hall contacted me and wanted to submit an article about saving on wedding catering costs, I jumped at it! If any of you have ever planned a wedding, you KNOW what it’s like to try and keep costs down! And if you’re planning a wedding or large event in the future and need a little help…you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see what Suzan had to say…

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! One of the happiest days of your life also happens to be one of the most expensive, and figuring out how much to spend to make your dream wedding a reality is no small feat. We understand how exciting yet challenging planning a wedding can be. Caterers can help you shave costs at your wedding reception without sacrificing the quality of your event, because food is a huge expense in most wedding budgets. Here are some easy ways to lower your wedding catering costs.

Plan a specific course
Are you looking to have alternate serves, i.e. two options for each course? How’s having one option for entrée, two for main meal and then dessert. This will reduce the cost of extra starters.

Keep your cool
Hot starters require more equipment in the kitchen, which means more cost. Stick to cold dishes to save money.

Serve on table
Hand pass appetizers rather than setting them out for guests to serve themselves. Caterers say guests consume 40 percent fewer pieces this way.

Wedding table
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