15 Helpful Holiday Printables!

I added more things to my calendar for December last night…and almost had a panic attack. A mild one. Just teesy weensy, you know. But still. The feeling started to rise up where I started thinking, “How on earth am I gonna get all of this done…”  So I closed my planner and took a HOT shower – all better!

I know the panic will probably return, so when it does, I will be prepared – with plenty of planning tools! 15 FREE PRINTABLES, to be exact! And I wanted to share them with all of you!

So let’s get started! If you’d like to have any of these for yourself, simply click on the text below the image for the download! (They have each been created by ME, and I give you permission to take them!)

Can I just start with this one? I call it a “Christmas” prayer, but it’s really for all of the holidays! It’s the perfect way to kick things off!



This next one is great if you find you’ll have houseguests during the holidays!

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