On the Road in October!

Less than two months until Christmas, people! I really cannot believe it – I’m not sure what exactly happened to the rest of 2014…I feel like I just got used to writing 2014 instead of 2013, ha!

Nevertheless, we’ve reached that point again – it’s time to look back and see what the most popular posts of October were! Here we go…

1. Holiday Sanity Savers – If you didn’t see this one, you really need to check this one out! I give away a lot of helpful secrets in this post!


2. Advanced Water Exercise Workout Routines – This was a fantastic guest post from the lovely Kaitlin at An Apple Per Day! I loved it, and I’m glad you guys did, too!

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It’s Time to Organize Your Drawers! – A Guest Post!

There’s nothing I hate more than being in a hurry to get somewhere or do something…and I can’t find what I need to make it happen. UGH! It agitates the mess out of me!

I know you’ve been there – you’re already five minutes late, and you can’t find your other shoe in the pile in your closet. Or you’re in the line at the store, and suddenly the gift card you were going to use has disappeared from your wallet. Oh, and this is a good one: you’re on the phone with the insurance company, and you’ve suddenly mis-placed the document you need to get your claim paid!

My solution for these things has always been to organize, organize, organize.

So when blogger Pheeby Snow sent me a post about drawer organization, I thought it was perfect to share! Let’s check out what she has to say!

Antique drawers

In today’s developing world where everyone is rushing for somewhere, it is hard to believe that we manage to organize all our tasks and activities. Although technology is constantly developing, we often forget to organize simple activities in our home – like  cleaning procedures – as well as the organizing of other home activities. We are too busy with the organizing of our working schedules, with taking care of the children or simply with other pleasant activities, and we forget about regular home maintenance duties that are also essential. One of them being the organizing of the drawers in your home, an action which, at first look seems rather easy. In fact, it really depends on many factors and mainly on the size of the drawers as well as on your motivation and willingness to improve your organizational skills.

There exist different ways in which you can effectively organize your drawers, so here are some diverse alternatives in which you can save space in the drawers in your home!

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