On Organizing the Infamous Junk Drawer

When we moved into this house, I was thrilled with the amount of drawer space in the kitchen. Mind you, our apartment only had three tiny drawers in the kitchen, so there was no room for extra stuff. (There was no room for anything, really!) In my current kitchen, I have two large drawers, a medium drawer and a small drawer. That’s heaven for me!

Anyways, I swore up and down that we would NEVER have a “junk” drawer. You know the one I mean. The one that somehow everything from paper clips to flashlights and everything in between gets thrown into. And you can literally hurt yourself trying to find a singular item inside those drawers. I HATE those drawers.

But guess what. I ended up with one anyways. And really, there’s no one to blame. Well. There IS someone to blame. And that person is ME.

Because I like clean counters. I really do. I don’t like lots of stuff sitting out around the counters. It really bothers me, and it’s hard for me to cook in the kitchen when there is too much clutter everywhere. So, like happens around my house when I don’t have an organizing system in place, things get out of hand. And I had taken to shoving whatever was cluttering my counter into this one drawer that had a little extra room in it. HAD. HAD a little extra room in it.

But the other day, when I found that somehow one of our bills had made it into that drawer, and I had almost missed paying said bill, that was enough. I knew I had to organize it.

Here’s the drawer before:


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