Grain-Free Holiday Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs are omnivores, and they benefit from vegetables just as much as the rest of us. And what better time of year to incorporate colorful fruits and veggies into their diets? Beets, spinach, and other nutritional powerhouses take center stage in these gluten-free and grain-free holiday dog treat recipes. You’ll also find healthy supporting ingredients like coconut oil, which can help your dog maintain a shiny coat and dewy skin through the dry winter months.

Dog, pet of all people. Shepherd plays with a ball.

Dying to bake doggy treats, but don’t have a buddy to share them with? Try one of these grain-free recipes and bring the treats along on your first Meet & Greet as a Rover pet-sitter. You’ll score a new friend who will be happy to taste-test all your canine concoctions.

Be sure to use doggy-safe peanut butter, free of any added sweeteners. Xylitol is toxic to dogs, so read labels carefully!

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7 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Happy and Safe During the Holiday

Our Taffy is not a huge fan of the 4th of July holiday. Or New Year’s Eve, for that matter. Why?

Fireworks. Her HATES them. 

See this?


This is Taffy LAST 4th of July. Wedged between my feet and the kitchen cabinet. Terrified of all the loud noises. Hoping and praying I wasn’t planning on leaving her.

Did you know that more dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year? Some run away during parties or festivals, while others bolt at the sound of fireworks.

To make this holiday as happy and safe as possible for YOUR pooch, here are 7 safe ways to celebrate the 4th of July with your dog!

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Introducing: Grain-Free Dog Treats, from Bil-Jac!

**PLEASE NOTE: While Bil-Jac’s Farmer’s Bounty DID provide me with this product to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

Most of the time, when a box arrives at our home, it’s for one of the humans in residence. Even so, Taffy the white doggy and CoCo the black kitty are always enthralled. Taffy, because anything crinkly makes her immediately think of food, and CoCo, because she wants to try to shove herself into the box.

Well, Taffy happened to be in luck here recently – one of the packages was just for her!

The lovely folks at Bil-Jac sent me a bag of their new grain-free dog treats!


If you’re like us, your pets are part of your family. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE Bil-Jac – they make sure the food that you give your furry family members has been created with just as much care (and way less nasty additives) as the healthy food you put in your human body! And since February IS “Love Your Pet” Month (did you know that?!) there’s no better time than now to make sure their insides are well taken-care of.

The key ingredients of Bil-Jac’s grain-free dog treats are chicken, chicken liver and sweet potato. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever offered Taffy chicken liver, but she LOVES regular chicken, and she begs for sweet potato (baked or straight out of the can!) so I had an idea that she was probably gonna like these quite a bit. Check her out in the video below! Plus, 

Bil-Jac also offers other dog treats such as their Original Liver TreatsGooberliciousLittle-Jacs and Breakfast Jacs!

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