Show Us Your Spring Clean – with MAAC!

Well, it’s almost summertime now! Is your Spring Cleaning complete?

I’ll be honest – mine is NOT! (I’ve been a little behind this year, probably due to being pregnant with twins, I don’t know…) but I’m almost there! Good thing, too – it’s pretty much summer!

MAA_Spring_Clean - Copy

And while we all feel better after a good cleaning to our homes, it’s important to remember that sometimes, cleaning can be dangerous! Watch out for things like…

  • Asbestos – may have been used in your home in previous years, and can offer a nasty reaction if disturbed.
  • Paint – all paints are considered hazardous waste! Make sure you dispose of them properly!
  • Smoke detectors – some of them use radioactive materials to detect smoke! Yikes!

So when Sarah from MAAC (Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center) contacted me with a great Spring Cleaning infographic that also reminds us to watch out for the dangers that may be involved, I thought it was perfect! See for yourself…

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Hidden Dangers in and Around Your Home

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the most graceful person in the world. In fact, most of the time I feel downright clumsy. Seriously. Why, just the other day, I smashed my ankle against the edge of the bricks that outline my pineapple bed. I slipped on the back porch after it rained and almost went down for the count. And I regularly walk into walls. No joke. I don’t even have an explanation for that one, it just happens.

So when Tate from ABC Humane Wildlife contacted me with an infographic on “All the Ways Your House is Trying to Kill You”…I finally realized: it’s not ME! It’s the HOUSE! There are just too many hidden dangers! HA! Let’s see how he explains himself…

All the ways your house is trying to kill you

You may love your home sweet home, but if you’re not careful, those four walls may harm you. From animals and pests to dangerous appliances, there’s a number of hazards found in and around your home. We’re here to highlight the most unsafe areas of your house, as well as offer you tips to avoid harm so that you can live comfortably in your home for many years to come.

Inside your home, your chimney is susceptible to creosote, which is highly flammable if your chimney doesn’t undergo regular inspections. Mold can be found throughout your house, and if there’s too much of it, allergies and asthma symptoms can worsen; proper ventilation and dehumidifiers can lessen mold’s impact. Everyday household items like medication and houseplants can be toxic if consumed or, in the case of medication, if two medications have dangerous interactions. Talk to your pharmacist when picking up your prescriptions, and keep hazardous plants away from children or pets.

The critters that lurk in and around your house can also be more dangerous than you might expect. For example, rodents can start fires by gnawing wires, and animal feces of any kind can contain disease-causing parasites. Three percent of people are fatally allergic to stings, so have a professional remove any nests promptly and apply a barrier treatment to prevent future nest formation.

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