Things I’m Liking These Days

Every once in a while, I like to throw out a few things that I’m liking – see if anyone else shares my admiration, and see what all of YOU are into! So here we go…

Mercury Glass

See those gorgeous vases over on the sideboard?
Or how about these candlesticks?

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I’m in the Mood to Redecorate…

Just wait. When my husband (who is subscribed to my blog, of course!) gets the notification that I published a post called “I’m in the Mood to Redecorate”, I’m gonna hear about it!

But honestly, I am sooo in the mood!

Right now, our living room is shades of brown and burgundy. I chose that because I felt like it was warm and comfy and hospitable – and it’s all those things. See?


I mean, I’m definitely no designer, but I think it’s cozy! But it’s been like that for a few years now, and I’m wanting to do something different! I think maybe white, and shades of yellow and gray!

Also, our comforter on the bed in the Master Bedroom needs to be replaced, so I’m thinking a combination of teal and corral! (The room is already teal and browns, but I want to brighten it up a little bit! It feels dark sometimes, and I don’t like that.)

And third, our front bedroom will eventually, down the road, no, I am not pregnant, turn into a nursery. And I’ve always loved the white, navy blue and kelly green combo…kind of like what I have going here on the blog! So I might go that route, one never knows!

As I’m pondering all of these things, I got an email from Holly at Chairish.

Okay, first of all: are you familiar with Chairish?

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Got Color?

I’m feeling colorful today! (No worries, I’ll keep it in check! Ha!)

When trying to make your home and welcome and cozy space, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do as far as color is concerned. Are you a color person? Do you like to see bright colors everywhere, or even small hints of color? Or would you rather everything be a bit more neutral?

I have specific color schemes for each room in our house.  Surprise surprise, right? I like to experiment and change things up, so it was an opportunity for me to have a little fun! However, I also know people who want their entire home decorated within one color scheme. That works for them, so I think it’s great!

At my house…

Garage: (Don’t laugh, you haven’t seen my garage yet!) Teals, reds, whites and grays
Kitchen: navy blues, silvers, whites and grays
Master Bedroom: teals and browns
Master Bathroom: browns
Living Room: browns and burgundies
Dining Room: browns, burgundies and greens
Office: reds, whites and blacks
Guest Bedroom: blues, browns, creams
Guest Bathroom: greens, browns, creams and whites
Project Room: (this is not decorated yet – it’s totally empty right now but I want it to be in navy blues, lime greens and whites)

Why the plurals, you might ask? Because there is always going to be that time that you find the perfect accessory, but it’s not QUITE the same color as what you were looking for. You figure, it’s going across the room from the other color, it will still work. And you get it in the room, and it looks awesome! So you keep it and decide you might want more of that color in the room, too! Am I the only one that happens to?!

Anyways, in looking for good color combinations when I get stuck, I tend to turn to Pinterest. I actually have a board there called Color Schemes, so I wanted to share my top 10 favorite color schemes with all of you, hoping they’ll spark some great ideas! (The majority of these come from Jessica at Design Seeds – definitely take some time to check out that blog! She is brilliant!)

Here we go…

10. Shabby Chic – vintage and peaceful. I see this as either a female’s bedroom, or it would be beautiful for an office!


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