On the Road in August

All right, folks, NOW I’m excited. It’s September!!! And while I can hardly believe the time is going so quickly, I LOVE September. Any guesses why? (Think September 23…)

FALL! Fall comes in September! And fall is my most favorite of all! So Happy September, everyone! Oh, but first, help me bid a fond farewell to August. These are the top five posts here on the blog last month!


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Just a Little Closet Organization

You may have heard me mention that my parents recently moved…NINE HOURS AWAY. Oh yes. It’s been a bit of an adjustment from living less than half an hour from them, that’s for sure! But they’ve always wanted to retire to the mountains, and that’s what they were finally able to do! Exciting times!

Their new house in the North Georgia mountains is very cottage-esque – there is a space right behind the house and in between the mountain that’s behind the house that I’m DYING to get my hands on and turn into a little shady English garden…but that’s not what this post is about! (I DO get distracted by that little shady spot!)

The house is a 3-bedroom 1.5 bath, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, a bonus room off the laundry room, a 2-car garage, and a bonus room off the garage! It’s “vintage”, so it’s got all those great nooks and crannies…and it’s not so great on closet space. So when we took our first trip up to see my parents at the beginning of the summer, my mom requested some organizational help with her two large closets: the hall closet and the bathroom closet.

It hadn’t been long since they moved when we got there, so these closets were still in the shape all closets are in soon after you move. “Oh, I’m not sure where to put this, so, for now, I’ll just put it in the closet.” I know y’all know what I mean, right?!

Here are the befores…

Closet Before 1


Before Closet 1

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On Bulbs & Brightness

The other day, I stepped into our master bedroom walk-in closet, flipping the light on behind me. 

Except nothing happened. 

I backed up and flipped the switch off and then back on again, eyes uplifted, watching the light fixture. Still nothing.

“Babe!” I called. “I think the bulb is out in the closet!”

My knight in shorts and a t-shirt arrived with the stepladder and some light bulbs, and proceeded to flip out the old for new.

When he was finished, he nodded at me, and I flipped the switch again. 


conceptual digital light bulb

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That’s really bright! What kind of bulbs are those that you just put in?!”

“Just the regular kind,” he explained. “But now they’re both working.”

I stopped and looked at him. “Oh. I didn’t know there were two in there.”

“Yep, the first one blew a while ago. The light since then was just from the one bulb.”

I stopped and studied the fixture, squinting. “How long has it just been the one bulb up there?”

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On Re-Organizing the Office Closet

A few weeks ago, our worship pastor’s wife shared something with some of the ladies on a retreat. She shared that she recently learned that “good enough is perfect.”

See, she had these bookshelves that she was trying to organize, and she couldn’t get them exactly the way she wanted them. Eventually, she realized that she had become obsessed with making these bookshelves “perfect”, and she was tired. She finally decided that they were only “good enough”…and then decided that “good enough is perfect”.

Her revelation turned into a bit of a standard comment around our church ladies circles – good enough is perfect. And ladies started posting pictures of their bookshelves on Facebook. And it all turned into quite the thing.

So I took a look at the only set of bookshelves we have at the house. And I must admit, I was a bit appalled.


(First of all, at the quality of the pic, I’m appalled, ha! It’s a cell phone pic, please excuse it!)

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Hall Closet Reveal!

Hello, lovely people!

I have been working on a special project for a little bit now, and today is the day to show all of you! Wohoo!

Remember my post on Dollar Tree Organization? Well, I’ve put all of those items to good use for my hall closet. Yes, a closet. That might sound odd, however, this is no ordinary closet.


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