Three Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

As you might know, we are celebrating Baby’s First Christmas this year – times two! The twins will be just over four months old come Christmas, which kind of threw us for a loop. They won’t be too “into” it, and they definitely won’t remember it! What should we do to celebrate Christmas with them without going overboard? 


Our goal was to celebrate together as a family, to avoid wearing them out with too many events, and to not spend a boatload of money!

With those things in mind, I narrowed it down to three P’s:


Of course, living in our house everyone gets photos taken of them often. However, I’m talking about something a bit more formal. This year, we took the girls to see Santa and had some photos done that way. If you’d rather schedule a family photo shoot with a local photographer, that’s perfect, too! Choose to do something a bit more momentous to mark the season than just a selfie!

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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays – Guest Post!

I enjoy having guests posts here on the blog from time to time, and I know you enjoy reading their entries, as well! So, today, we have a fantastic post from the lovely Kendra Thornton!

Meet Kendra:

Kendra Thornton Picture-1

Let’s check out what she had to say in her post, “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!”

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Our “Theme” for Christmas 2013!

I’m a huge fan of tradition. I especially love the different traditions that families have around the holidays! It’s what makes different families special and unique, and it’s one of my favorite things to hear about from YOU, too!

Before we got married, I wanted to start my own tradition. I was a single gal, and everyone else in my family had someone except me. They all had their traditions, and I was struggling to try to figure out one for myself. I tried to think of what I was good at, what I enjoyed, what I could do that no one else was already doing. And then it hit me.

I decided to “theme” every Christmas. And that started out with my gift wrap.

Each year, I chose a different theme of wrapping items and accessories. And it was important to me that they all pointed back to the real meaning of Christmas. Santa Claus and all the make-believe was fun, but I wanted to make it meaningful.

Here’s an example: the first year I did this, I chose a candy cane theme. My gift tags included the story of the candy cane. Have you read it? You can read the full bit of info HERE, but I created something a little more basic for my gifts…something that looked like this:


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