The 2017 Christmas Holiday Shelf

Well, here we are, almost half-way through December, and I’m finally getting the chance to share my 2017 Christmas Holiday Shelf! Better late than never, right?!

This year, I had several large pieces I decided to use, instead of many smaller ones. I like the effect I ended up with! What do you think?


So all in all, just five pieces that take up the entire shelf! 

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A QUICK Christmas Ornament Storage Hack! FREE PRINTABLE Included!

Have you taken down your Christmas decorations yet? I always take ours down on New Year’s Day, and this year was no exception. The only problem was, I had a few new ornaments that I wasn’t sure how to store. Mainly two large round glass balls. Oh dear. 

I was going to place them inside two Solo cups taped together, as I had seen on a Facebook video, but they were even too big in girth for the Solo cups! Mercy! What could I do?!

So I started walking around my house looking for something to put them in, and suddenly, I got an idea!

Do those words, “I got an idea!” strike fear into the hearts of everyone else’s husbands, too, or is it just mine?

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Helps for Your Christmas Preparations

Well, y’all, it’s getting down to the wire here! FOUR DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?! Well, never mind if you aren’t, you soon will be – I have tons of help for you! Are you ready?!

Let’s start out with some tips to help your Christmas as a whole…

Helpful Christmas Tips

I’ve Got Tricks for You!

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16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations

My sweet hubby put our outdoor Christmas decorations up over the weekend, and he did a really great job – they look fantastic!

But, as the ever-cautious wife that I am, when he was getting started and planning things out, I was a little bit concerned. Because he had big plans. Bigger than in years past. Like…there was talk of blow-up light-up lawn decor. Yes. Concerned I was. Because I didn’t want our yard to look TACKY. BLECH. I can’t stand tacky!



In the end, he ended up doing a nice combination of white and colored LED lights – just the right amount, and nothing is flashing in a seizure-inducing manner. WIN!

(He was probably trying to get a rise out of me with the talk of the blow-up light-up yard ornaments anyays!)

But when Sneha from Terry’s Fabrics contacted me to see if I was interested in sharing about **fabulous** outdoor Christmas decorations, I thought I might get even more ideas! And YOU might, too!

So here we go…

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Christmas Holiday Shelf!

Well, it’s December 7, and almost all of my decorations are up now – how’s it lookin’ over at your house?

One of the things folks always like to check out here on the blog is my holiday shelf! And since it’s done now, I figured now is the perfect time to share!

Oh, if you want to see what last year’s Christmas Holiday Shelf looked like, CLICK HERE! This year, I went with something very simple yet entirely meaningful. 


Yep! It’s my Willow Tree nativity! 

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