Helps for Your Christmas Preparations

Well, y’all, it’s getting down to the wire here! FOUR DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Are you ready?! Well, never mind if you aren’t, you soon will be – I have tons of help for you! Are you ready?!

Let’s start out with some tips to help your Christmas as a whole…

Helpful Christmas Tips

I’ve Got Tricks for You!

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How’s it Looking?

Since last week here on the blog was FULL of Christmas, I’ve tried to take it a little bit easy on Christmas this week. But, I wanted to check in and see how things are looking for all y’all Christmas preppers!


Remember back in August when I posted “131 Days Until Christmas! (But no worries…I’ve got tricks for you!)“? (If you didn’t read it, you might wanna take a look – it’s probably too late to help you this year, but if you’re feeling stressed out right now, you’ll definitely be able to use it next year!)

So here’s how it’s working for me so far:

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