Is Your Home Affecting Your Skin?

We’re continuing on the journey of ridding our home of nasty chemicals before the girls arrive later this summer, and can I just say: I had no idea there was so much JUNK in our house! It’s almost scary, the amount of chemicals that are in everyday items! And I’m so glad we started working on it when we did!

So when Phoebe Parlade offered some facts on things in household chemicals that could be affecting our skin, I felt it was important to share with all of you! Please! Take a few moments to educate yourself!

Beauty portrait of a lovely woman with fresh skin looking away over gray background

Recently several studies have linked many medical issues to household chemical exposure. The Consumer Product Safety Commission points out that asthma rates, for example, have jumped an alarming fifty-nine percent since the year 1970. This trend is not necessarily surprising considering that household cleaning products alone now make up a $12 billion/year industry.

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