On the Road in August!

Happy September, all! I can hardly believe it. By the end of this month, the house will be decorated for Fall, we’ll be planning Halloween and Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS. WOW. We gotta make time slow down, people! So, as is customary around here, when we hit the first week of a new month, I like to look back on the previous month to see what was “trending” on the blog! Without further ado, here are the top five posts for the month of August: 1. How to Deal with a Dirty Dishwasher – It’s always important to remember to keep the “cleaning machines” clean, too! Dishwasher_with_dishes 2. On Organizing Car Compartments – Yes, my organization extends beyond my home, and so can yours! DSC_0084 3. A Unique Way to Organize Your Spices – This solved my space issue! Can it help you? DSC_0010 4. Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean & Tidy – There’s nothing better than the peace that a clean bedroom brings! 6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy (1) 5. 10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas – This was, by far, the favorite photo from this post! Did YOU use the idea? 3a1b1c5137cdb52e3a017ce383e28836 Another month gone by! I hope you caught all of the above posts! Which one was your favorite?

On Organizing Car Compartments

Around a month ago, my hubby and I bought a new car!

We say that to be fair.

Technically, I’m the one driving the car, and I’m the one who traded my other car in for the new one…so it’s pretty much MY car. However, he has a car, and this new one is technically an SUV, so we say that now we have a car and an SUV. And whoever needs to drive what depends on their day…but mostly I drive the SUV.

The above is my rationalization to him for the organizing of the compartments in the SUV that I did. He didn’t quite see the need for it…especially in the containers that I chose, but, as usual, he will eventually come around to my color-coded reasoning.


The size of the SUV is much different than the size of my former car. I went from this…


…to this!


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