Planner Dilemma Solved! (Hopefully…)

You may remember when I posted a little while back about the dilemma I was having with digital vs. written planning. If not CLICK HERE and you can read about it!

Well, I finally made a decision: back to an actual write-in-this planner.


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The To-Do List

Most days are pretty busy for me, between the full-time job, the part-time jobs (I have two), the blogging, and trying to take care of a husband and a house. Oh, and then there are the days that include extra items, such as choir rehearsal and grocery shopping and family dinners. Let’s face it, we’re ALL pretty busy, aren’t we?

The only way I have found so far to keep the chaos of the day in an orderly format is a to-do list. It may be old-fashioned, but it works for me! Thought I’d talk a bit about that today!

Here’s my full-time job to-do list from yesterday:


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My Perplexing Planner Predicament


How’s THAT for alliteration? (Took me a bit to come up with it, but it describes how I’m feeling perfectly!)

Do you happen to recall the post I did a while back on calendars? (HERE IT IS, in case you want to revisit it.) I basically talked about my calendar system: what I use, how I sync everything and how I keep it all organized. It was working beautifully. WAS would be the key word.

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