7 Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas – A Guest Post!

Thanksgiving, you say?! Isn’t it too early to start planning for that holiday?! We’re still in October!

Well, if you’ve learned anything by reading this blog, you’ve learned that I’m a PLANNER. And yes, my family has already started planning the Thanksgiving menu. On my part, it’s really more that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and so why not go ahead and start planning?!

So when Holly Stellings contacted me and asked if I was interested in sharing her post on Thanksgiving desserts, I was all about it! And she’s got some great ideas! Read on…

You’ve already got the Thanksgiving entrees and sides planned out, and may have gotten started on the table settings, plus the relatives have all RSVP’d. It seems like you’ve got everything planned down to a “T” when you suddenly realize the dessert menu is lacking—all you have on hand is months-old ice cream hidden somewhere in the freezer. Be sure you don’t slack off when it comes to the delectable desserts on this Thanksgiving holiday, and prep in advance to ensure every detail is perfect for your entertaining purposes. Make your Thanksgiving spread one to remember with some excellent Thanksgiving dessert ideas and brace yourself for the cries for seconds.

1) Craving Cranberries



Cranberry sauce is the perfect side to a well cooked turkey, but you can incorporate this seasonal favorite into a delicious dessert everyone will enjoy. Mix some delectable cranberries with apples, Bisquick, and a few other choice ingredients to make a treat that will disappear in a jiffy—not a crumb left in sight. That Betty Crocker sure did know what she was doing.

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Planning for the 4th of July!

Okay, it’s just over a week until July 4th, and I’m in full planning mode! How about you?

July 4th is actually my mom’s birthday (we call her the firecracker of the family) so our celebrations always coincide with a birthday celebration, as well!

This year, we hope to catch the fireworks display on the evening of the 3rd in downtown (here’s a shot from last year’s festivities – I LOVE fireworks!) and then we’ll be set for dinner on the 4th to celebrate independence and birthday together!


Of course, our entryway has been decorated for patriotic purposes since Memorial Day, so I’m halfway there!


But for the rest of the fun, where have I been looking? You guessed it! PINTEREST!

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Home Sweet Home Housewarming Party!

So, almost two weeks ago, we threw a lil’ Housewarming Party! The theme was “Home Sweet Home”, and I thought it turned out pretty cute! Let me walk ya through!

Here’s the invite we sent out, designed by yours truly:


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