Over the Weekend…and A Christmas Prayer for Busy Women


Just when I thought things were calming down a bit…it’s one of those times that I’m actually thankful today is Monday! Ever have those days after a crazy weekend?

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On the Road in October

Well, due to the series we had going on the first week of November, we’re just now getting to the monthly “On the Road” post! It’s now November 13. WOW. Where in the world is the time going?! As the tradition goes, let’s take a look at the previous month and see what the top five posts were here on The Road to Domestication in October. Ready?

1. Make Your Own Laundry Cream…like these folks did! – This was a fantastic story about a couple who set out on a new venture together!


2. On Cutting Corners – In this one I took a “from-scratch” recipe and showed you how to make it just a lil’ easier!


3. On Re-Organizing the Pantry – One of my favorite posts of the month! I’m still so happy with the way my pantry turned out!


4. Pumpkin & Cheese Spice Bread – This was definitely a YUMMY post!


5. A Prayer for Busy Women – I’m glad this one was one of the favorites of the month, because I need to be reminded of this often! And who doesn’t love a free printable?!


Well, there they are! The top 5 posts of October! Did YOU like them? Which one was your favorite?

A Prayer for Busy Women – FREE PRINTABLE!

I wasn’t going to do this post quite yet, as I thought it might be a bit early,  but since I received such an overwhelming response to yesterday’s “Holiday Sanity Savers” post, I wanted to go ahead and share this with you. (Today marks 2 months until Christmas, anyways!)

I’ve written something, and originally it was just for me, but I thought others may benefit from it, as well. I simply call it “A Christmas Prayer for Busy Women”. Here’s how it goes:

Dear Father,

During this busy time of the year, I pray that my words and actions are glorifying to YOU. May I not worry so much about attending all the gatherings, the rehearsals, the parties and the programs, but may I be focused on being at YOUR FEET. May I not stress so much about making sure everything is perfect, but may I remember that I am human, and YOU are God. Please remind me to put YOU first, my family second, and that everything else will fall into place, and please remind me that it’s okay to say “NO” if I need to! Please give me an extra dose of thankfulness and joy, and grace for when things don’t go just as I have planned, and help me to keep the peace that YOU have given me in the forefront of these busy days. I love YOU, Lord. You are more than wonderful. Thank You.

In Jesus’ Name,

Here’s what it looks like:


I know it says “Christmas” on it, but I’ve already printed it out and kept it where I can see it clearly, just to remind myself of what’s really important! Hopefully I’ll have it memorized by the time it’s actually Christmas!

So I wanted to make it available for all of you who shared with me how busy your holiday time becomes! Share it with those you feel would benefit from it! And may we all have a peaceful and holiday season this year!