Made from Scratch vs. The Box

Are you the “I made this from scratch” type of person when it comes to cooking and baking? Or would you rather create something quick and easy, right from “the box”?

For me, it depends on a few different things…

For example:

If I’m in the type of a mood where I’m happy and confident, I’ll try anything. I’d be most likely to do something “from scratch” and not really be too worried about the outcome – I’d just try my best.

However, if I’m in one of my “good grief, I can’t do ANYTHING right” moods, then I’d go for “the box” and forget it.

Now, if I’m pressed for time, I’ll go for “the box”. If not, I might try it “from scratch”.

And sometimes “the box” is cheaper than “from scratch”.

But the thing I’ve found out about “from scratch” stuff is that you probably already have everything in your kitchen needed to make it!

Case in point: last night I made home-made from scratch brownies for a friend. See?


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