On Re-Organizing the Office Closet

A few weeks ago, our worship pastor’s wife shared something with some of the ladies on a retreat. She shared that she recently learned that “good enough is perfect.”

See, she had these bookshelves that she was trying to organize, and she couldn’t get them exactly the way she wanted them. Eventually, she realized that she had become obsessed with making these bookshelves “perfect”, and she was tired. She finally decided that they were only “good enough”…and then decided that “good enough is perfect”.

Her revelation turned into a bit of a standard comment around our church ladies circles – good enough is perfect. And ladies started posting pictures of their bookshelves on Facebook. And it all turned into quite the thing.

So I took a look at the only set of bookshelves we have at the house. And I must admit, I was a bit appalled.


(First of all, at the quality of the pic, I’m appalled, ha! It’s a cell phone pic, please excuse it!)

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