Celebrating Loved Ones All Year Around – with BloomNation!

There’s not much that puts me in a better mood than fresh flowers arriving at my office for no particular reason. Do you ever get flowers just because someone is thinking nice thoughts about you? So special! 

(Of course, my hubby ALSO sends flowers if he knows he’s in trouble, but sometimes, he sends them just because he wants to.) 

So when I was introduced to flower delivery by BloomNation about sharing their Bloomin’ Love! campaign, I headed over to their website to check things out.


I discovered that BloomNation supports local communities by partnering with independent florists and showcasing their handcrafted arrangements. Every order you place with BloomNation is always hand-delivered and always created by a local florist. I LOVE that!

I also love that you can browse all of the florist’s shops on BloomNation, and view lots of photos of their arrangements. It’s so convenient to have so many options on just one website!

Here’s one from Kara Bala Flowers in Glendale, California!


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