8 Benefits of Home Insulation

If you’ve ever felt the draft of cold air under a door, or hot air surrounding a window, you know that the temperature from outside can enter your home pretty quickly. But, before diving into the benefits of Home Insulation, we should start by talking about what home insulation actually is and why it exists.

Insulation provides a separation from the uncontrolled environment (outside) and the controlled environment (inside). The walls surrounding you and the roof over your head makes up the housing enclosure. Insulation is the fine layer between the outside and the inside.

The primary job of insulation is to slow the flow of heat or cold from room to room in your home. Slowing the movement of the heat and capturing it in one room will help in keeping the temperature about the same throughout. When air is constantly moving in your home, it causes the temperature in your home to be uneven.

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Heat always moves from warm to cold irrespective of the home you are in, and the type of heating unit you have. A good example is when the hot air in your home sinks to the basement, and you keep wondering where the heat has gone to. There has been heat running throughout the day, but some rooms in your home are still cold. Most homes have a problem with air leakage because of their size. During the winter months, there is a lot of room for error when it comes to air leaking out of and in to your home.

Home insulation may seem like a lot of work, and costly work, at that. However, you are going to see many benefits from doing it – especially if you hire a professional insulation contractor. Below are eight benefits you can expect to receive when you insulate your home properly:

1. Saving up to 75% of the heat in your home 

This will be most apparent when you wake up in the morning. You get out of bed and the room is freezing, then you step on the cold floor which goes all the way into your kitchen. The biggest challenge when it comes to overcoming such cold mornings is preventing airflow to the different rooms in your home. To prevent airflow, it boils down to proper “R-values” of insulation.  The “R-values” depends on where you live and the months of winter you have. A home in Arizona is not going to need the same R-value as a home in Minnesota.

2. Lowering Your Heating Bill 

When you keep more heat inside during the winter, you reduce the number of times the heat has to kick on. This leads to lower bills, and you end up saving money.

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The Health Benefits of Knitting

There’s a few hobbies I’d like to take up in my free time. One of them is knitting.

When we were young, knitting was often something you associated with your gran. That is no longer the case. Many young people now enjoy the fun of picking up a set of needles, and being creative. And, it’s not just restricted to woman either; knitting is a craft that can be enjoyed by men as well.knitting-1462264795Hsn

One of the best things about knitting, is that it’s easy to make a start. You just need a pair of needles, some yarns and a pattern to follow. If you think that you might need some help, look for a knitting class in your area. Doing so means you get the instruction you need, and you also get to socialise with other novice knitters.

In addition to the social aspect, and the chance to create beautiful garments, you may be surprised by just how much knitting can benefit your health. I wonder what my optometrist would say on that front?

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