How to Cook Different Types of Beef Cuts the Right Way

There’s a great little grocery store in my hometown. It’s called Felton’s.

If you happened upon Felton’s, you might pass it by, honestly. It’s not large, and it’s pretty unassuming. But if you did indeed pass it by, you would be missing one of the best places in Central Florida to pick up delicious cuts of meat. Not only do they HAVE amazing cuts, but they also have great folks who can explain them to you! Which is why it dawned on me the other day that sometimes I don’t even know what type of meat I’m viewing unless someone tells me. I need to work on this!

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I guess anyone, when visiting a butcher shop, could become confused with the different types of beef cuts available. So having some basic knowledge regarding the different cuts and their cooking methods can make our time in the kitchen so much easier.


How about you? Do you want to cook beef cut you’ve never tried before? Let’s take a look at different beef cuts and how you can cook them the right way…and allow me to learn right along with you, will ya?

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