How to Ensure an Amazing Basement Renovation – A Guest Post!

By now, most of you know that I live in Florida. Here in Florida, there are rarely any basements…anywhere. (Although I’m fairly convinced that I might have some neighbors who have installed an underground bunker in their backyard – that’s gotta count for something! HA!)

Even so, I’ve always loved the idea of a basement. A duplicate of your house that you can turn into whatever you want – amazing! And when I watch House Hunters (yes, I am quite an avid fan) my favorite parts is when they discover a cool basement. And when I watch almost any other show on HGTV, I just LOVE seeing what people DO to their basements!

Yes, it’s true. I WISH we had a basement! And if we ever go anywhere other than Florida, one of my must-have items in a home will definitely be a basement!

So when Shivani from Apex Waterproofing contacted me about publishing this post…I first hesitated. Because I don’t have first-hand basement experience. But then I thought of all you lovely readers…and I imagine that most of you probably DO have a basement. So…let’s see how you can make the most of yours!

Basements can be uncomfortable places, especially if they have not been used for a while. Dark, possibly damp, filled with junk and maybe even spiders – there is a reason why people avoid basements that are unfinished. But basements can also be extremely inviting. With the right renovations, you can often add considerable square footage to your home, creating a basement that draws people instead of repelling them.

Tips For Basement Renovations You Can Be Happy With

Know What You Want

The first and probably most important part of the basement renovation is the planning stage. Your basement is essentially an empty canvas, one you can turn into a number of different things. Home owners renovate basements to create bedrooms, play rooms, entertainment areas, media rooms, home gyms, home offices and more. Some people even choose to create separate housing in the basement, adding an entrance and a kitchen area.

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