How to Baby-Proof Your Bathroom

As you can imagine, I’m working on a pretty long to-do list these days. Even though it will be a few months before actual baby-proofing is needed at our house, I want to be as prepared as we possibly can…as early as we can! So when the lovely Zoe Clark sent me a post on baby-proofing the bathroom, I thought it was fantastic! She breaks everything down so perfectly – check it out!

Hi there! It’s a great honor for me to have been given a chance to contribute to Kristen’s blog again. Kristen is an eternal source of inspiration for me: witty, practical, and educational, her posts never cease to amaze me, and I’m thrilled she’s agreed to feature my posts here. I wish to use this opportunity to congratulate Kristen on the expected stork arrival – hope the twins take after their mom in creativity, resourcefulness, and positive outlook on life!


With a bundle of joy at home, every sharp object, exposed wire, and power outlet is a potential ER nightmare waiting to happen, and new parents are often forced to stretch the limits of their imagination when redoing their nests with baby safety in mind. Bathrooms are especially critical areas with a small child in the house: slips, falls, and bumps can (and usually do) occur in a split-second if you take your eyes off the baby during bath-time. Still, hazards starring slippery tiles, running water, and various bathroom objects are preventable – and here are the essential steps every mom- and dad-to-be should follow when baby-proofing the bathroom.

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