I’ve Been Invited to a Blog Hop!


My sweet friend Sahana from the blog Vikalpah has tagged me to participate in her blog hop! (In case you’re not familiar with the term, a blog hop also known as blog hopping, is to move from one blog after another to read the entries or to leave comments. Basically, it’s a great way to answer some questions and help your readers find some new bloggers that may become their favorites! So thanks so much to Sahana for tagging me! And you should totally check out her blog HERE. The girl can make ANYTHING – she’s totally creative!

So on to the blog hop!

Here are my questions from Sahana:

Question 1: What are you working on?

I am working on getting my brain to shut up so I can think clearly! HA! In all seriousness, I’m one of those people who always have a million ideas swirling around in my head. I’m in the midst of planning the next two weeks of blogging, in which I have had so many companies contact me to review products and do posts, that I will be blogging Monday through Friday for a bit, instead of my normal Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts! All good things, and I can’t wait to share them with my readers! I’m also already working on special things for Thanksgiving and Christmas here on the blog, too!

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