Awesome & EASY Slow Cooking Rice with Minerva Dairy!

Did you know that January is National Slow Cooking Month? I’m a pretty big fan of the slow cooker, and I use mine often! So when the folks at Minerva Dairy sent me some of their yummy butter and asked me to use it in a slow cooker recipe, I decided that their butter really needed to be the star of the dish! 

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The dairy is America’s oldest family-owned dairy producing traditionally-made cheese and butter! For five generations, the family has used fresh farm milk, old-fashioned churns and wholesome ingredients to make their butter and cheese products. They also offer gift baskets and yummy meats and mustards!

With that said…on to the recipe!


I like cooking rice in my slow cooker. Have you ever tried it that way? I feel like, when I’m making a meal that utilizes rice as a side, I’m already using my stove and my microwave and my steamer for other things. Somehow it’s hard to get rice done in there, too, so I normally throw mine in the slow cooker. The result leaves me with two layers of rice: one that is almost the texture of risotto (which I love) and one that is a bit more firm (which my husband loves)! Both have an almost “sticky rice” consistency, but I can’t get those two combinations anywhere else but my slow cooker.

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Sweet Results

If you followed me on the other blog, you’ll remember this post: Treats & Tries. (It was my first attempt at baking for and entering in the Baking Competition at the Florida Strawberry Festival!)

Well, believe it or not (and I can’t hardly believe it, ha!) I actually won second place for my Strawberry Shortcake Cookies! Really!!!

We finally went to the Festival yesterday, and I was able to see them on display – it was pretty neat!


Kind of hard to see them through the glass-glare, but that’s them! (And my lovely reflection as I poised with my iPhone to capture them…and my hubby’s reflection…as he was obviously interested in something else!) Notice the mold growing on them already? HA! (It had been almost two weeks since I turned them in!)

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