A Patio Reveal!

So…I’ve been working on our back patio for a while now. And as I sit here working on this post, I’m suddenly disappointed, because I realize I don’t have a “before” photo. Geeze! Does anyone else do that other than me? Get so excited about a project that you dive headfirst into it without any documentation? I must get better at that…

But in the meantime, let’s just use our imaginations, shall we?

Let’s imagine a brick patio that was mostly black from never being cleaned. Where bricks were missing and cracked and uneven. And where ants roamed like they built the patio themselves. That’s what we found when we bought this house a little over a year ago.

But I had big plans for the space! And when we finally fenced in the yard, I knew I could do whatever I wanted to out there, so I got started. And here are the results…


Allow me to take you on a tour!

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