4 Chemical-Free Cleaning Tips for Reducing Allergies at Home

I’ve always had allergy issues. Then I married my husband, who has also always had allergy issues. And now we’re finding out that our littles ALSO have allergy issues. No surprise there, I guess. Do you have allergy sufferers at your house?

Allergies can impact people inside their homes and outdoors. While you can’t control what’s happening outside your front door, you have a little more control of your environment at home. I’ve been doing lots of research on this, of late, and while cleaning can reduce allergies, many times people turn to chemical products for cleaning which can make allergies worse and take a toll on the environment. In fact, did you know that there are more than 80 different chemicals in regular household cleaners today? With the following four chemical-free cleaning tips, you can reduce the way that allergies can impact you in your home, reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposing your family to, and do more to “go green” as you clean!

Going Green With Cleaning

Clean Your Home with Natural Products

Did you know that you can remove 99 percent of bacteria and allergens using hot water with a little vinegar in it and a good cleaning cloth? If you find the vinegar smell a little too strong, dilute it and add some fresh lemon or orange juice. Cleaning your home without chemicals is much healthier for your family and more eco-friendly. When you’re done, you’ll feel great that your home is clean and smells naturally fresh.

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How to Allergy-Proof Your Home Through Cleaning – A Guest Post!

I don’t know what it’s like at your house, but at my house, we have allergies. I do, my husband does, and even the dog and the cat do. No, I’m not joking! It’s a serious issue for literally all of us!

Which is why, if you were to show up at our house on any given day, you would probably find me dusting and vacuuming, trying to make sure I’ve wiped away and sucked up any allergens that I missed the day before. The struggle is real, folks!

So when Eva Henderson contacted me with a post full of allergy-proofing tips, I was all about it! Let’s see how she can help…


There are many allergens lying around your homes that may easily become a problem in the long run, such as cockroach droppings, dust mites, dander and more. Some of these can trigger allergies with ease, so you would do well to avoid them as much as possible. This will only be done by cleaning your home on a regular basis and by doing so with allergies in mind. The following tips will give you more help in your fight to keep your home or office allergen-free.

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