Top 3 FREE Valentine’s Printables!

If you’re like me, you LOVE a good printable. And, if you’re like me, you head for Pinterest when looking for a good printable. Right? Have no fear, I’ve scoured the inter webs for you! Since it’s less than a month until Valentine’s Day, here are my top three picks for 2014 for Valentine’s Day printables!

1. Valentine’s 2 (by Ashley over at Printable Wisdom!)

valentines2 copy

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Happy New Year, Y’all!

Around Christmas, my hubby and I were wondering what we were going to do for New Year’s Eve. We were laughing at ourselves last year. Last year we had wanted to do something spontaneous! Being that we are NOT spontaneous people, before we knew it, we were trying to PLAN a SPONTANEOUS trip, ha! We got so frustrated, and we had already told all who invited us to parties that we weren’t going to be in town, so we ended up staying home and ringing the new year in from the couch. That was NOT going to happen again, we decided.

So we invited a few friends over for a New Year’s Eve party!

Did you notice the whole black and gold theme in the stores this year? I liked it!


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On Packing Up the Holiday Decor

Well, good morning, all! And Happy New Year to each of you!


Can you believe it’s 2014?! I’m having a hard time with this one! (I’ll be writing 2013 on everything for a while yet, so y’all will just have to bear with me, I’m afraid!)

We had a little party last night, so not too much is on the docket for today except to put away the Christmas decor! The house is gonna look so weird…

And, considering I JUST finished packing up the Fall stuff last week (HA!) I thought I’d share my method (and a couple of free printables!) with all of you!

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Planning for 2014!

Well, here we are again! I’m having a really hard time believing that today is New Year’s Eve. WOW. Where did the year go? And now we’re almost out of time!


Today we’re getting ready for a little New Year’s Eve party we’ll be hosting this evening, but I’m also thinking about planning out 2014.

What does that mean in my world?

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