Tablescaping: Creating an Instagram Worthy Table Setting

The art of setting your table is THE trend of the moment. With all the swoon-worthy photos on Instagram, the fad may just turn into the norm. Who doesn’t like to serve fabulous food to their nearest and dearest in a picture-perfect dining environment?

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Life-long memories are made when we’re gathered around a table with family and friends, enjoying the conversation as the candles flicker. 

But what makes all those photos look so appealing?


We knew dinner was serious when Mom got out the golden-colored chargers to go underneath the china, and she was right. Family gatherings became noteworthy events when she spruced up the dining room table with more than our usual dinnerware.

To add this kind of depth and layers, start with a pretty tablecloth. A lighter, neutral cloth works wonderfully well as a foundation for your creation. August Table has lovely hand-block printed linens that you can mix and match for a touch of artistry. Choose from their napkins with similar patterns in a complementary color to take your look to the next level.

Then stack a charger with a few increasingly smaller plates for depth, but don’t overly match. For instance, a single-colored plate or charger underneath a smaller one that just pops with color, like these lemon-patterned ones from Williams-Sonoma, can be stunning. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have chargers, you can achieve a similar look with different sized plates. Though you might want to consider investing in a set of chargers for the future.


The linens from August Table mentioned earlier are milled cotton, giving them a soft and clean look and feel. To add some texture to your table, you’ll want to consider adding some natural elements. 

Wood or seagrass chargers are a possibility, or make a twig table runner to go under some flowers. Something that adds layers and textures together is ideal.

For the center of the table, the flowers and greenery you choose can make the strongest impression. Rather than spending a fortune on fresh flowers, consider renting them for your event from Something Borrowed Blooms. Their silk flower arrangements look like the real thing and won’t wilt halfway through dinner. 

Something Borrowed Blooms makes gorgeous arrangements, but if you’re really going for the wow factor, check out their garlands. Drape one of these beautiful creations down your table and your guests will think they stumbled onto a photo shoot. Choose one with plenty of blossoms and greenery for added levels of depth and texture. They aren’t too high, so everyone will be able to talk comfortably without peering around the centerpiece.

Consider strategically placing candle holders in small groupings around the flowers and you’ll have the benefit of romantic lighting and height without obstructing your guests’ view.

Something Borrowed Blooms also rents candle holders, if you need some. When your event is over, you can return them with the provided label for an easy return.

Some Shine

Finally, choose your glassware and silverware. A clear goblet can be an elegant touch that catches the light and gives the night additional sparkle. Or you can go with chunky blue cobalt glasses to add a glow of color. It all depends on the look you’re going for. You have endless possibilities.

Keep your metal to one or two types. If you choose the metallic softness of pewter, then don’t put a lot of other metals on the table. The limit to metals in home decoration is two, and the second metal shouldn’t dominate.

Good luck with your spectacular event. Now that you have the perfect place to serve, don’t forget to make the food!

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