Sweet Results

If you followed me on the other blog, you’ll remember this post: Treats & Tries. (It was my first attempt at baking for and entering in the Baking Competition at the Florida Strawberry Festival!)

Well, believe it or not (and I can’t hardly believe it, ha!) I actually won second place for my Strawberry Shortcake Cookies! Really!!!

We finally went to the Festival yesterday, and I was able to see them on display – it was pretty neat!


Kind of hard to see them through the glass-glare, but that’s them! (And my lovely reflection as I poised with my iPhone to capture them…and my hubby’s reflection…as he was obviously interested in something else!) Notice the mold growing on them already? HA! (It had been almost two weeks since I turned them in!)

Here’s what the final batch I took for judging looked like:


They looked pretty tasty! The instructions for entering said that presentation counted, and that sounded like a challenge to me! So I placed each one in a clear baggie, tied a ribbon on them, put all 6 (they requested 6 pieces of the entry) in a pretty little bag and made a nice tag for it, too!



I guess they liked the presentation! The judges have space to write comments on the return form, but mind had nothing on it. That made me a little sad. I wanted to see their critique so I would know what to do different next year, because next year I’m going for first place!

And if you’re wondering what my husband was distracted  by, this was it: Amish Donuts from the Amish Baking Company!

PicMonkey Collage

He approved of these, as well!

Now it’s time to figure out what to enter next year! Any ideas?

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