Supplement the Resale Value of Your Home with Custom Decks

When deciding to sell your house, you would obviously want to get the most of what it can offer, right? But with other available properties for sale in the market, getting the best price for your home can sometimes turn into a hard feat.

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One way of increasing the value of your home is to make it more attractive to potential buyers, such as with a custom deck. In fact, one of the selling points for US when we purchased our current home was the deck that was off the back porch! A home outfitted with custom decks has a higher value because not only does a deck provide an additional feature, but it also offers versatility of use.

Now, why stop there? Further elevate the beauty of your porch by installing gorgeous deck lighting along your railings. Adding lights to your deck instantly creates a homey vibe, especially at night! Potential buyers will love to have a well-lit back porch. It keeps them safe at night and makes it a great place to hang. Lucky for you, it adds great value when selling your home! 

Custom decks fit the needs of your home

Families opting to have a customized decking space typically have their properties outfitted to suit a specific need. For example, a backyard with a pool would look better if it has a connecting construction that provides a viewing platform for family members to gather.

More sensibly, taste also influences the look of the deck. Several factors affect the overall look of the structure, including the choice of materials, finishing, and size.

The decking industry also offers homeowners a myriad of options to choose from, such as a single step design with simple balusters to multi-tiered decks and elegant furnishings. Having custom decks installed at your home does not only give it a unique character but provides a layer of functionality to increase its market value. 

A home improvement project worth your money

As per a report by Remodeling Magazine, homeowners who outfit their homes with a custom deck recoup the average value of 80%. This includes the costs of building the new construction.

This means spending $10,500 on a 16 x 20 wood deck can give you an additional resale value of about $8,090. However, it is vital to consider the materials used as they affect the overall quality and attractiveness of your deck.

These factors are all critical for your prospective buyers, including curb appeal, the perceived comfort of your home, and the amount of living space. Nonetheless, having an extra space where your family can lounge is a sound investment to increase the saleability of your home

Factors affecting your home’s return-on-investment

Just like any home renovation, several factors impact the value of your property. For the most part, custom decks are affected by the type of material used. The industry perceives wood to have higher ROI than composites possessing about 15 to 20% less value.

Ease of access and an exceptional design also adds to the overall value of your home. An accessible deck located from the kitchen or the living room holds more value than one built from the master bedroom. The kitchen provides an ideal spot to construct a deck because entertaining guests and moving food in and out of the house is much more convenient.

Having additional features for your deck also makes your property attractive to prospective buyers. Most people want a roomy space for entertainment and some extras like lounges, a fireplace, or a gazebo for better relaxation. 

There is a myriad of other home improvements you can do for your house, but an extra outside space gives your property a better definition. Design and construction, though, must be overseen by a professional to ensure quality make and a sturdy space.

Do YOU have a deck attached to your home? How often does your family use it?

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