Summer Holiday Shelf!

Some time ago, I was trying to figure out what to do with my Holiday Shelf after the 4th of July. Do you remember? Thank goodness my fabulous cousin came to my rescue! She started a new business, and brought me some treasures when she stayed with us over the holiday weekend! Are you ready to see?

Ta da!


Very summery, huh?


This fun printable came from Jennifer over at Hostess with the Mostest! You’ve got to check out the post she introduced this on HERE. It’s really fantastic! The frame is one of my standard frames (from The Dollar Tree) that I keep handy for printables on this shelf or for party decor, and I also have the flowers in my stash, too!

Here’s where it really gets fun…


My cousin made this cute little runner especially for my holiday shelf! Isn’t it fabulous? And SO summer! I’ve seen the yellow, white and gray combo before, but I LOVE it with some teal/aqua thrown in!

And if that wasn’t cute enough…


…she made me a bunting to go with it!

I added some real lemons and pretty white seashell dishes…


…and this random yellow vase I had, plus some additional flowers. Funny thing, when we moved offices at my full-time job, they were going to throw this yellow vase and an orange one out. (I don’t even know how they got to the office, honestly!) I took them instead, planning on using them for one of my spray-painting projects, but this yellow one just matched the decor here perfectly! Ya gotta love it!)


Something I’m not sure I’ve mentioned – I tend to be allergic to live flowers, so, although I LOVE them, I normally don’t have them inside my house. Most of what you’ll see me use are artificial blooms.

So here’s what folks see when they walk into our home!


And here’s what they see when they leave…


See the “God Bless America” star hanging on the inside of the door? I forgot to take that down after the July 4th festivities! But now I need to find something to hang there in it’s place. I was looking for a pretty daisy teardrop swag, but I have yet to find one.  Any ideas from y’all? Do YOU hang things on the inside of your doors? I like the extra touch it gives! (You can see that I have a wreath on the outside of the door, too!)

So there ya go! The Summer Holiday Shelf! As always, if you want to know more about The Holiday Shelf, CLICK HERE! And if you’d like more information on Retro Rebel (my cousin’s business) and how she can custom-create decor items for YOU, just let me know, and I’ll hook you up!

18 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Shelf!

  1. Thanks so much for using Jenn’s sunshine printables! They look absolutely bright and inviting- what a fabulous way to walk into your home everyday Kristen 🙂

  2. Super duper cute! I love lemons! I need to buy one of those shelves for the entry doorway area of my house. I love the idea of decorating your shelf for different holidays. Thanks!

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