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**PLEASE NOTE: While Stubb’s DID provide me with this product to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

I’m so pleased to be able to bring you another review and giveaway from the great folks at Stubb’s! If you’re interested in reading the last review I did for them, you can find it by CLICKING HERE!

Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q, makers of all-natural barbecue sauces, marinades and rubs, adds a new category to its product line with the introduction of Stubb’s Cookin’ Sauces, made for creating flavorful, easy skillet and slow cooker meals.

Stubb’s Cookin’ Sauces (MSRP $3.99 – 4.99), in four varieties  including Bar-B-Q Slider, Chili FixinsTM, Hatch Chile and Smokehouse Bourbon, let consumers create quick, delicious dinners using their own fresh ingredients and adding Stubb’s bold sauce and spice packets to bring on the flavor.

Each packet is filled with premium ingredients, like those found in a gourmet kitchen cabinet, that are perfectly blended to offer a convenient, higher-quality alternative to heating up a pre-packaged or frozen meal. Like all Stubb’s offerings, Cookin’ Sauces are all natural, certified gluten-free and contain no artificial flavors, colorings or high fructose corn syrup.

“Stubb’s Cookin’ Sauces provide delicious, easy options for the growing number of people who want to make a home-cooked meal  but don’t have the time to create something that they’ll look forward to and really enjoy,” said Stubb’s Vice President of Sales Chris West. “We’ve made flavorful home-cooked meals easy enough for a busy weeknight and tasty enough to share with friends and family.”

Stubb’s products are available at all Walmart Supercenters, and this time, Stubb’s sent me three of their newest products, Cookin’ Sauces, to try out!

Bar-B-Q-slider1 Chili-Fixins Smokehouse-Bourbon

Each of these flavors can be prepared using a skillet on the stove or a slow cooker, which is great for convenience’s sake!

I started out trying the Smokehouse Bourbon flavor, and I decided to prepare it in skillet-on-the-stove fashion.


Each package of Stubb’s Cookin’ Sauces comes complete with a spice pack and a cooking sauce bag.

I started with some premium beef from my favorite grocery store, Publix!


Following the instructions, I added the spice pack to the beef in the pan…


…browned it…


…and added the sauce.


I served the final result over linguine!


My husband loved it! I thought it was pretty good, too – the only thing I would have changed was the consistency of the sauce – I would have liked it to be just a bit thicker!

The next flavor I decided to prepare was the Chili Fixins!

A simple browning of some ground beef, and then I placed the beef, the spice pack and the cookin’ sauce in my crock pot, and here’s what it looked like at completion!


It was DELICIOUS! We ate ours with crackers, and loved every bite!


Since I had already used two different products with a different prep method, I gave the third product, the BBQ Slider flavor, to one of my friends for him to prepare and review! Here’s what he thought:

When I first saw the package I thought it was a small bag of charcoal. (LOL) Inside the bag are 3 small packages of ingredients: dry rub, cooking sauce and finishing sauce. The instructions seemed to be to simple, but it does not tell you how long you should leave the rub on before you cook it. I put my pork in a zip lock with the dry rub overnight. The next day I put the pork in a crock pot and poured the cooking sauce on top then let it cook on low for about 6 hours. Then I took it out, shredded it, threw the sauce away, put the meat back in the pot, put the finishing sauce in and let it cook another 30 minutes. (Seemed to have too many steps just to make simple BBQ slider.)I personally think it has a little to much heat in it, but I can eat it! Maybe less turmeric and more smoke flavor. All in all, I think the overall taste is good, but it could be a little sweeter to help counter-act the heat.



There is one more cookin’ sauce available from Stubb’s! It’s called Hatch Chile
This one was not available for review, however, I’m keeping my eyes open for it! I still want to try it in the future!

All in all, I think Stubb’s provides a quality product, and I’m always thrilled that it’s gluten-free, too! Have YOU tried anything from Stubb’s recently?For more information, go or connect with Stubb’s on Facebook at or @stubbsbbqsauce on Twitter.

Now, on to the giveaway! The winner will receive two coupons for the cookin’ sauces and two regular coupons, as well! Good luck!!!

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50 thoughts on “Stubb’s Review & GIVEAWAY!

  1. I am all for things that add some awesome flavor to my meats when I cook. I am going to look for these the next time I am at Walmart!

  2. Now I’ve seen Stubbs at my grocery store, but don’t think I’ve ever tried it. All your meals look delicious!! LOVE that these are gluten-free. Perhaps that’s why the sauce wasn’t quite as thick? No added flour? I will be giving these a try!

  3. I always look for things to make cooking dinner a little easier. Ill have to check for these when I go to the grocery store. It looks like it turned out to be delicious!

  4. THIS LOOKS so delicious! I think it’s time for lunch! What an amazing and really detailed giveaway. Someone is going to have a GREAT time with these products. Yum.

  5. My husband swears by Stubb’s. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart because it was a part of the first meal he cooked for me while we were dating. <3 I'm keeping my eye out for that Hatch Chile one too.

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  7. Well thank you, now I’m hungry! We love BBQ in this house so I will be checking out Stubb’s for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Fat Freddy Stubbs (yes.. not sure why we call the sauce this name but we do… it’s weird)!!! Oh how we love his BBQ sauce! We’ve had his sauce in our home for like forever! I cannot choose a sauce flavor because I know they will all be good.

  9. OH I am so excited to go grocery shopping again so I can look for this! I am trying hard to eat more natural. However I am not a huge fan of cooking and I don’t have much time. So it is proving to be a tad troublesome. I NEED these!

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  11. I’ve had the bbq slider and it is hands down the best bbq I’ve ever had from a crockpot! It tastes like it is right from the smoker! My family LOVES it and trust me, I have looked for many years for BBQ to really take like BBQ without all the work!! I found this blog because I was looking for reviews on Stubbs hatch chili. Bought the packet yesterday. I guess I will be the first to review it after we eat it! But I can tell you that the Stubbs bbq is the best I have ever had!!

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