Strategic Storage Spacing For Newlyweds

The act of getting married is a moment that many look forward to. Unfortunately, the discussion of what to do with extra belongings typically comes as a surprise. This article will help you find the best possibilities to store away your most important or miscellaneous items. And do you know what? Finding the perfect storage spacing doesn’t have to be costly!

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Purchase Plastic Bins

Now that you’re married, it’s easier than ever to get your items mingled together with your spouse’s. To avoid this confusion, purchase plastic storage bins. Storage bins are cost-effective and you can label each bin to make it even more convenient to identify what is inside of each bin. In many cases, it’s not difficult to purchase the size you’ll need. When labeling your bins, both you and your spouse should use color-specific labels to identify from afar who the bin belongs to.

Utilize Your Garage

If your home comes with a built-in garage, take advantage of it by storing your items. One side could be used for his items and the other side for you. In the long run, both you and your husband will value the presence of an organized garage, containing both of your items. Sometimes utilizing a garage is not an option because the home didn’t come with a garage. In such cases, you can purchase a storage container by the foot. Depending on how big you want your storage container is how much you will pay. It can be tough having to use your garage if you really prefer to store your vehicles in it only. Owning a big storage container might work better for storing personal items and power tools that operate from a power inverter connected to a battery source.

Pay Per Month for Storage

Living in an apartment as a married couple limits your storage space drastically. You can use hallway closets as a means to store items; however, it’s better to rent a storage space. The size of the storage spacing you’ll need reflects the price you will pay. Many companies allow you to pay per month, six months, or per year. Paying annually might save you money. You can find self-storage companies in your neighborhood or city. 

Wherever you live in Singapore, you can usually find storage space close to where you live. One area, in particular, might be storage space Toa Payoh. Because more residents and businesses in Singapore are facing storage challenges, StorHub has come equipped with solutions that can help anyone. Check them out at 

If you get a storage unit, make sure you pay on time. Missing a payment consistently for months or constantly being late could put your items at risk. Also, a sudden death, leaving no one to make payments, could put your belongings at risk of getting your storage lock cut and items auctioned. Be sure to read the fine print and choose to do business with a storage facility that truly has your best interest at heart.

Trailer Wagon

If your home is small and you have a driveway without a garage and no backyard, purchase a trailer wagon. They come in many different sizes and they come with wheels. You can attach the trailer wagon to your truck, SUV, or car. You can store the trailer wagon in the deeper parts of your driveway by connecting it to a mini storage pole for security using a Pewag chain. 

For some married couples, having the ability to store extra items neatly in the home is what matters the most. If you have the budget, you can turn an entire wall into open space storage. You can see an example here on The Road To Domestication. Open space wall storages not only store items away, but style and character are also added to the home.

Get Creative

The thought of storing away items can be dreadful for many. However, by finding ways to use your creativity to store your most precious items, the experience can be worth your while. If you do live in an apartment complex, parking a nice size trailer wagon might cause issues. Load your trailer wagon and purchase a self-storage big enough to store the wagon. Now moving is easier than you imagined. You’ll never have to worry about having to carry heavy items from your storage again. And an easy storage life makes for a happy marriage!

Did you have any storage issues when you first got married? How did you solve them?

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