Storage Hacks to Try in 2020

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start on cleaning and organizing your home. As many of us know, after rounding out 2019 with all of the back to back holidays, your house can start to feel as though it has taken on more clutter than ever before. But the question is, how do you properly manage and store your belongings without having to do a complete purge? Is there a way to implement effective storage solutions without breaking the bank? Thanks to useful storage hacks, making room for your supplies doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds and you can finally reclaim your living spaces from all of the clutter.

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Storing Paper Goods

Every weekend when you take that long-awaited trip to the grocery store, you come back with all the essential supplies you need for the week and those big, huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper. Obviously, those are two incredibly important items in any household but where in the world are you supposed to store those massive packages? The easiest solution you can try only requires a hanging shoe shelf organizer. They typically cost around $10 and are easy to set up in any closet. They are perfect for storing rolls of toilet paper or paper towels and keeping them organized and out of the way. 

For a more hands-on hack to store specifically paper towels, you can install four hooks and two bungee cords against the wall. Place two hooks at the bottom of the wall and the other two up high enough so that the bungee cords will have some tension when they are stretched. Hook the bungee cord to the hook so they are both vertically positioned. Then, just start stacking your paper towel rolls horizontally up the extent of the bungee cord. Allow the bungee cord’s tension to hold the paper towels in place and then, forget about it. This hack is perfect for the inside of a pantry or cleaning closet to keep paper towels stored neatly and out of the way.

Holiday Decoration Storage

The holiday season came to an end a couple of months ago but regretfully, some of us just shoved everything festive in a closet and shut the door only to open it again when winter rolls around. Thankfully, you can try these simple space and money-saving storage hacks to better prepare yourself for when you purchase new Christmas home decor or when looking to store those you already have. For wrapping paper, storage options are very similar to those above for paper towels and toilet paper. You can try the “bungee cord” method to hold wrapping paper against a wall or door. For storing on doors, you would have to mount a basket or bin to the bottom of the door to hold the bottoms of the rolls in place. Then from there, you can use bungee cord and hooks or strips of elastic and push pins. Be sure to criss-cross the bungee cord or elastic diagonally across the wrapping paper instead of vertically.

You can also try using an over-the-door shoe organizer for wrapping paper as well. Leave the bottom row of the shoe organizer as is and then for all the rows above it, cut out the bottoms of each pocket. Then place the wrapping paper vertically through the loops you cut out of each row and allow them to sit in the pocket of the bottom row. For string lights, you can use any spare piece of cardboard to wrap them around and avoid tangles or damage. With ornaments, use any leftover egg cartons or the plastic containers of packaged apples. These are some quick and easy solutions that thankfully, involve items you may already have in your home. 

Hanging Bucket Organizer

Although the goal of many hacks you may see is to save money, time, or space, many of them can miss the mark when it comes to matching your home’s aesthetic. But this particular one can be customized to match virtually any home’s style. All you will need is a towel bar, small buckets, and hooks or string to attach the buckets to the bar. If you have a bucket with handles or holes on the side, you can use S-hooks to hook the bucket to the towel bar. Add other hardware and hooks of your choice to secure everything to your liking and you will have created the perfect space-saver and organizer. This hack is perfect for hanging over kitchen or bathroom sinks to clear up counter space or over your kids’ desks to store their homework supplies.

Wooden Crates for the Mudroom

Lastly, you may need a storage solution in one of the messiest areas of many people’s homes, the mudroom. This area gets messy and clutters very quickly because of the abundance of items thrown here on a daily basis. But, a quick and inexpensive way to create a storage solution without purchasing an entire storage unit is by using wooden crates. The great thing about using wooden crates is that they’re so incredibly versatile. You can use all different sizes and configurations to create your own unique storage unit. Stack them in any way you’d like and use them to store books, shoes, and backpacks. Be sure to either mount them to the wall or attach them to each other to stop the crates from falling or shifting. They are perfect for unique customization as well. Although the wooden outside could be the perfect look for modern farmhouse or rustic-style homes, you can paint or stain the wood to fit any look you are going for.

These are only a few of the hundreds of home storage hacks that are out there but they will definitely come in handy this year when you start to declutter and organize your home. Allow your creativity to take over when implementing these hacks and customize them to fit your space. With these hacks and a simple organization process to make decluttering easier, you’ll be able to organize your home in no time.

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